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Choosing the right property

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Choosing the right property

When it comes down to looking for a home it pays to narrow down your search and be selective. And working out what you want from your new home is a good starting point.

When you’re choosing a new home it’s easy to buy with your heart and ignore the practicalities. So, before you begin searching write a list of the qualities and features your home will need to match your lifestyle.

Do your homework on the location

Location is a key consideration. So make use of the internet and programs like Google maps to investigate different areas quickly and conveniently. Once you have chosen an area double-check it for accessibility.

Can you easily commute to work, are your friends and family close by and are there good transport links? What are the schools like and are you within easy reach of shops, restaurants and bars? If you have set your heart on living in a particular postcode, or street, make time to visit it at different times of the day and get a feel for the local environment.

Move into space and move fast

When you find a home and are happy with the location, make sure there is sufficient space for your belongings. Is there enough room to grow into? Can you see yourself living there in 5 years time? If the answer to all these is ‘yes’, it pays to move fast and put in an offer, before someone else does. Don’t forget, if it’s a new build, you can usually reserve your new home with a small reservation fee.

Your choices & your finishing touches

One of the most exciting parts of buying a new home is choosing colour schemes and personalising your living space. Find out more about the exciting range of Finishing Touches available to you.

Making an offer

Once you have decided how much you are prepared to pay for the property, you can make an offer. However, the sale of the property is not legally binding until you exchange contracts. If your offer is accepted, you will then need to formally arrange a mortgage.

Begin your search for a new home today.