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The benefits of investing in a new home

Investment opportunities

The benefits of investing in a new home

A new home doesn’t require maintenance, decorating or furnishing and can provide years of hassle-free ownership for you and your tenants.

Investing in a new property is also less stressful than buying a secondhand home as there is no need to wait for existing residents to move out. This means your new property will be clean and untouched by previous owners and can be easily finished to a high standard to attract potential renters.

Other advantages of choosing a new property include:

Improved energy efficiency

New properties have significantly more wall, floor and loft insulation and are already six times more energy efficient than older properties. Low energy bills are also a key selling point to potential renters.

Extra security

Advanced double-glazing offers window and door security in new properties to keep the heat in and unwanted visitors out.

Less maintenance

Low-maintenance features on new properties includes uPVC windows and fascias. What’s more, most external features require little, or no redecoration.

Future-proof technology

New homes offer the latest technology and highly efficient heating systems, including energy efficient condensing boilers and temperature control in each room.

Greater choice

Choose from a wide range of internal features, including kitchen units, tiling, floor coverings and style your investment property to suit your target rental market.

Advanced construction

We use the latest construction techniques and renewable energy sources such as solar panels and air-source heat pumps to make your home future-proof.

A 10-year warranty

For your peace of mind your investment property comes with a new homes warranty and 24-hour customer care support for the first two years. This helps to ensure that you limit any unplanned costs and get the best possible return on your investment property.


New properties can generate up to 60% less CO2 emissions than second hand homes.

Enhanced design

New properties boast better design and can provide 17% more usable space than older-style properties.

Quality assured

A comprehensive check at all stages of the build, by independent bodies, assures the best quality of construction.

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