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Moving in

Planning to downsize

Moving in

Moving house can be one of life’s more stressful experiences, yet with a little preparation and careful planning there is nothing to stop you from taking your move in your stride.

The key is planning and preparing in advance. Begin by de-cluttering your home and throwing out anything you no longer need. The less that you take with you, the easier your moving day will be. At this stage, it’s also worth collecting packing materials and boxes and contacting removal firms for quotations. However, it’s only once you have exchanged contracts and have a definite moving date the real work can begin.

Spread the word

When you have your moving date agreed you can start to notify people of your new address. Remember to include your bank and the gas, water, electricity, phone and internet providers at both your old and new home. Don’t forget to notify your employer, any relevant schools and colleges, the local authority and arrange for the Post Office to redirect your mail. You will also need to book the removal company or hire your removal van.

View your new home

We will invite you to attend a new home demonstration with a fully trained member of our team. This will give you a chance to familiarise yourself with all the heating and other appliances in your new home and check everything is as it should be.


Start arranging your belongings into three categories: A – the things that you will need on the day of the move, such as toasters/kettles, towels and bed linen, B – important, but non-essential items like TVs and clothes and C – non-essential items such as ornaments and books.

Moving in day

As part of your last minute preparations, we recommend that you put in a box all your essential items such as mobile phones, tea, coffee, toiletries, cleaning cloths and a take away menu (chances are when it’s all over you’ll be too tired to cook)! If you have children or pets it may also be worth arranging for a relative to look after them during the move.

You will be asked to sign a key release form which confirms safe receipt of your keys, your final meter readings and a final check on the quality of your new home. You will then be free to move in.

If you’d like to find out more about moving home, our removal services and how we can make light work of the big day, please contact Persimmon.