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Tips for making the switch

Planning to downsize

Tips for making the switch

On paper, downsizing seems easy and in many respects it is. However, moving away from the house you have lived in for many years and streamlining your life can create many challenges.

Moving to a smaller space is all about reconsidering the things you need and the things you don’t. It’s also about looking at the space you are moving to and how that will affect your day-to-day-lifestyle. Below are three tips for making the move a little less stressful.


How many of the things in your home do you really need? Drawing up a list of essential and non-essential items will help you free up extra space and make moving into a smaller home more manageable.

Smarter day-to-day living

A smaller home means less living space, so it’s important to think about day-to-day practicalities. If you currently have storage rooms or guest bedrooms you may need to consider smarter storage and sleeping alternatives, like under bed storage and sofa beds.

Likewise, if your loft and garage are currently full of toys, bikes and BBQs, you’ll need to find somewhere for those to live too.

Room by room

Scaling down an entire house is a daunting prospect, so approach it room by room. This will give you the opportunity to carefully consider the merits of individual items and work out what storage/furniture you will need in the same room in your new home.

To find out how we can help you move into a smaller home and for more advice on downsizing, please contact Persimmon.