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60 donations of up to £1000 every month.

Persimmon Homes Community Champions

Terms and Conditions

1. The Persimmon Homes Community Champions Campaign is sponsored by Persimmon Homes Limited, company registration 4108747 of Persimmon House, Fulford, York, YO19 4FE.

2. Each of Persimmon Homes’ 31 regional offices together with Persimmon Homes Head office in York will publicise the Campaign and encourage local community organisations and charities to apply for funding.

3. The maximum fund value for the Persimmon Homes Community Champions Campaign is £768,000. The Persimmon Homes Community Champions Campaign will run monthly.

4. Community organisations and charities may apply for funding up to the value of £1,000. Each of Persimmon Homes 32 business units will donate funding up to the value of £1,000 to two community organisations or charities each month.

5. Applicants must complete an online entry form available at www.persimmonhomes.com/charity stating in no more than 250 words why they should be chosen as a community champion and win funding up to the value of £1,000.

6. At the end of each month the Directors of each of Persimmon Homes 32 businesses will consider entries made from community organisations and charities in their operating region and select two applicants to receive a donation of up to the value of £1,000. The successful winners will receive the £1,000 donation by cheque.

7. Persimmon Homes reserves the right to feature all winners and entrants to the Campaign including their names, addresses and images in any future marketing materials, website publications and promotions.

8. Entries by applicants that are not submitted in accordance with these Terms and Conditions will not be accepted. Persimmon Homes accepts no responsibility for entries that are lost or delayed or rendered invalid due to incorrect applicant data, software or hardware failure or for any other reason beyond its control.

9. Persimmon Homes reserves the right to alter or amend these terms and conditions or to withdraw the Campaign on giving notice to entrants. If there is a conflict between the terms and conditions of this Campaign with any other advertising or promotional material in respect of this Campaign, these conditions will prevail. Persimmon Homes’ decision on any question or complaint concerning the interpretation or implementation of these Terms and Conditions is final and binding upon all applicants entering the Campaign.