Housing completions11,52813,50914,57215,17116,043
Average selling price£180,941£190,533£199,127£206,765£213,321
Our Customers
NHBC/HBF Customer Care Standard4 star3 star3 star3 star3 star
Our People
Total employees2,7913,4534,1884,5264,535
Female employees (No.)9281,0011,1621,1271,125
Female employees %33%29%27%25%25%
Female employees on Senior Management team %13.5%13%10%13%13%
Training days delivered (excluding apprenticeships)4,4007,91110,21210,55010,669
Trainees and Apprentices %10%13%14%11%13%
Our Wellbeing
No. of worker RIDDOR Reportable incidents in our housebuilding operations4841474749
RIDDORs per 1,000 workers in our housebuilding operations5.
HSE Prosecutions01000
HSE Enforcement notices17201
Our Environment
Building energy use (Million kWh)
Carbon emissions (Tonnes CO2e)*14,11127,85131,55732,59930,830
Carbon emissions per home completed (Tonnes CO2e)*
Average SAP rating8383838383
Homes incorporating renewable energy8451,2151,3381,218901
Waste generated (Tonnes)66,00086,00091,161100,444116,261
Waste per home completed (Tonnes)
Waste recycled %90%90%92%93%92%
Trees planted85,07893,595123,89773,99083,863
Trees planted per home completed77955
Our Communities
Social and affordable homes completed**2,1212,2562,1472,4483,005
Value of social and affordable homes delivered-£226m£221m£262m£348m
Social and affordable as a proportion of total completions18%17%15%16%19%
Infrastructure contributions (£m)38.348.446.965.564.4
Charitable donations made by the Group (£)96,000113,000593,000 699,000664,500

* Totals for 2014–2017 incorporate additional energy consumption for red diesel not previously reported.

** 2016 figures include shared equity sales and Discounted Market Sales Housing. 2017 figures include Discounted Market Sales Housing.