Our approach to managing sustainability focuses on five key themes (below). These themes inform our strategy and make it easier to communicate the specific elements of what we do to stakeholders.

Our Customers

Our Customers: identifying and meeting our customers’ needs and expectations of value, quality and service.

Our People

Our People: promoting a supportive culture that enables our employees to develop their talents and skills over long and fulfilling careers.

Our Wellbeing

Our Wellbeing: protecting the health and safety of our employees, sub-contractors, customers and visitors to our sites.

Our Environment

Our Environment: minimising our environmental footprint throughout our supply chain by improving operating practices helps to reduce our costs. Creating new homes that are environmentally efficient through the life cycle of design, construction and occupancy helps to reduce running costs.

Our Communities

Our Communities: contributing to the establishment and maintenance of thriving and sustainable communities through direct investment, design and collaboration with all of our stakeholders.

Persimmon’s business operations are conducted through our 29 housebuilding businesses which are autonomous to some extent but centrally co-ordinated overall. The Corporate Responsibility Committee’s (“CR Committee”) purpose is to review, monitor and evaluate sustainability performance within the business. CR Committee membership is drawn from all parts of operations so that there can be a close link with our business strategy. CR Committee members include the heads of departments of Health & Safety, Planning and Buying, the Company Secretary, an operating business Managing Director and a Divisional Commercial Director. The head of HR attends for matters related to Our People, the Group Chief Executive attends occasionally, and the meeting is chaired by a Non-Executive Director. The CR Committee also benefits from the advice and guidance of Carnstone Partners, our external corporate responsibility advisor.

By organising our sustainability strategy into these five themes, we ensure that our work addresses the requirements of our stakeholders and is closely linked to our strategy of creating superior sustainable shareholder value over the long term through the housing cycle. The Group is focused on delivering high quality growth to meet customer demand by building well designed quality homes in places where people wish to live and work.

Through CR Committee membership drawn from across the Group, including the Board, we are able to ask the questions of the business that matter, listen to the feedback centrally and discuss it at a senior level so that Group management can make informed decisions and decide on actions that benefit the business and our stakeholders.

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