Over the course of 2016 we delivered 2,448 affordable homes (including 2,218 homes to housing associations and a further 230 homes to our communities on a discounted open market value basis and using shared equity scheme facilities), which had a value of around £262 million.  We also delivered around £65 million in new community facilities (2015: £47 million).  Of this figure, around £16.5 million (25%) related to enhancements to educational provision. Since 2012 we have invested over £70 million in educational facilities alone.

In 2016 over 6,400 of the homes we sold (42% of the total) were built on brownfield land. Utilising such land reduces the pressure to build on greenfield sites, while the remediation activity undertaken to remove contamination from brownfield sites produces an environmental benefit.

Persimmon’s strategy is predicated on identifying suitable locations where we can build – and invest in – sustainable communities. This requires a thorough understanding of our customers’ needs, so we can build the type of properties they want – together with a detailed appreciation of the social, environmental and economic factors that, singly or in combination, contribute to the success of our new developments.

Investing In Sustainable Locations

The elements that underpin Persimmon’s approach to each development

At the planning stage we take a holistic view of what is required and examine each of the factors above, both in isolation and in terms of how they relate to each other. Every development is bespoke and takes account of a host of different considerations ranging from topography to transport infrastructure and from educational and recreational provision to access to shops and other services.

In collaboration with the local planning authorities and local residents we strive to create communities that are economically, socially and environmentally viable over the longer term. Consultation and dialogue with communities is essential to the success of a development. Sharing information about what is proposed ensures that our plans can be tailored to take account of community feedback. To read more about how we approach consultation please click on this link.

Community Investment

Community Investment Pie Chart 2016

Community Investment (£m)

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Community consultations

Supporting community and charitable initiatives

Sustainability in action case studies