In addition to the contributions outlined above, Persimmon supports numerous community projects, provides sponsorship and facilitates fundraising among its employees.  In 2015, we launched Persimmon Community Champions. Its aim is to fund local good causes across the UK.  Each operating business donates up to £1,000 every month to each of two local good causes to match the organisations own fundraising.

Sidmouth Town Band New

Sidmouth Town Band – one of our Community Champions

We donated £628,000 to community groups and charities through the Community Champions initiative in 2016. A further £108,000, including fundraising by our employees, was donated to other charitable causes. This brought the Group’s total donations to community and charitable groups to over £736,000 (2015: £672,000).

Since its launch we have received nearly 11,000 applications to the Persimmon Charitable Foundation which has provided matching funding of £1,145,169 to support local charities and community groups. The 1,219 beneficiaries include arts and music groups, sports teams, hospices and charities with a predominantly local focus. Please see our Community Champions Case Studies.

Our Community — Strategic Objectives
In 2017 we will:Actions and Measurement
Continually improve engagement with local communities

Ensure our development schemes are subject to effective community consultation and seek to develop consultation techniques utilising digital and web-based media.

Focus our Community Champions initiative on causes with genuine local need

Continue to provide high quality and accessible housing to people locally

Ensure our homes effectively target key housing needs and demands in the local area. In particular, we will focus attention on the first time buyer and first time mover. 

Design our new housing developments so that they create a “good place to live”Design new homes and developments that align with the 12 Building for Life principles that relate to the quality of place making.