Persimmon’s business operations are conducted through our 31 housebuilding businesses. The Group’s streamlined management structure enables individual operating businesses to work within a framework set by the Executive Directors with clear guidelines.

Ultimate responsibility for sustainability rests with our Board which is supported by the Corporate Responsibility (CR) Committee.

The CR Committee’s purpose is to coordinate the Board’s sustainability strategy across the Group, identify and assess sustainability issues that are significant for the Group both in the short and long term and monitor sustainability performance within the business. Committee membership is diverse, being drawn from all parts of operations so that there can be a close link with our business strategy. Committee members include the heads of departments of Health & Safety, HR, Land/Planning and Commercial/Procurement, an operating business Managing Director and a Divisional Director. The Group Risk Manager regularly attends the committee meetings and the Group Chief Executive attends occasionally. The meetings are chaired by Joanna Place, an independent Non-Executive Director. The CR Committee also benefits from the advice and guidance of Carnstone Partners Limited, our external corporate responsibility advisor.

Our sustainability policies are regularly reviewed by the CR Committee. This ensures that sustainability is on the agenda of each operating business and that best practice across the Group can be shared effectively.

We measure, monitor and report on our sustainability activities and performance on an annual basis. Sustainability management is an integrated activity and is the responsibility of all our employees, from those on the front line of our developments around the UK to our senior management teams.

Persimmon operates an Environmental Management System (EMS) to provide a structured approach to managing environmental issues. The EMS covers all processes from land appraisal, site remediation to manufacturing and construction.

We measure our sustainability performance using a set of KPIs collated on a regular basis from our operating businesses and reviewed at each CR Committee meeting. After each CR Committee meeting a report is made to the Board. A summary of our KPI performance data can be found on page 41 of the Sustainability Report 2019 and our sustainability policies can be viewed here.

During 2019, the Group complied with the UK Corporate Governance Code 2018 which came into effect on 1 January 2019. Our Annual Report 2019 provides further information on our corporate governance.