Garthamlock site plan

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Persimmon Homes West Scotland has been working over the last 10 years with Glasgow City Council on the delivery of much needed market and affordable housing within the city. The vision and aims of the project are based upon the revitalisation of the local community.

Key Elements

The project has changed the landscape of Garthamlock and regenerated the area into a vibrant and sustainable community. The area was previously dominated by mass 1950s post-war tenement flats, which were demolished by the City Council around the year 2000 as they had reached the end of their lifespan.  This had added significantly to the decline of the area.


Garthamlock tenement pre-demolition

Persimmon regards this site as the benchmark for how to encourage the regeneration of a challenging area through housing-led development. The development has evolved in tandem with a large outdoor shopping centre, The Fort, which has brought with it significant employment. Together the investment has turned the tide and fortunes of the community.

Persimmon’s approach towards the development worked with the original historic grid pattern of the areas thus retaining recognised connections familiar to the community. This has also maximised the efficiency of the site to enable scheme viability whilst retaining historical site context. Key to this was to use Persimmon’s standardised design principles to control costs and provide an appropriate and affordable product mix in line with the needs, demand and affordability of the local area.

A large number of the homes have also been constructed to a standard known as “Housing for Varying Needs”.  This is a range of standards which are specifically designed so that housing can be more flexible and capable of meeting the requirements of a range of individuals with differing housing needs, including the elderly and disabled, without major adaptation. This has reinforced the sustainability of this revitalised community.


Garthamlock streetscape today

As a tangible sign of Persimmon’s commitment to the area, the company’s West Scotland office has been relocated to the development.

“Our site at Garthamlock is one of the best performing outlets in Scotland by sales volume.  We are extremely proud of our work in regenerating this part of Glasgow having also brought employment into the area with our West Scotland office relocation. The social and economic benefits of the development are evident and we hope to continue our work in this area for the foreseeable future.”

Doug Law, Managing Director
Persimmon Homes West Scotland