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Harrow View West site plan

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The Heart of Harrow Housing Zone was established to create stronger links between Harrow town centre and Harrow & Wealdstone and will see the delivery of almost 6,000 homes. Harrow View West is a central part of this project and the site creates a direct link from Headstone Manor to Harrow & Wealdstone railway station.

Persimmon purchased the site at Harrow View West from Land Securities in 2015, which will deliver 314 much needed homes in the heart of the Harrow Housing Zone. The site benefited from outline planning consent and, working closely with Harrow Council, Persimmon Homes North London was able, in 2015, to deliver a more detailed application for which consent was secured within three and a half months of submission. Following approval, Persimmon is seeking to deliver much needed homes in the Heart of Harrow Housing Zone.

Key Elements

Harrow View1

Artist impression of typical homes at Harrow View West

This site incorporates several distinct features that demonstrate how Persimmon is addressing different aspects of sustainable development.

District heating system – as part of the outline planning consent, the flats within Harrow View West will be able to connect into the district heating facilities at Harrow View. The Harrow View energy centre forms part of a wider local authority-wide Energy Master Plan, seeking to provide heating across the entire district.

Green Travel – a Green Travel Plan has been created which has informed the layout of the development. The plan provides priority to pedestrians and cyclists, with routes running through the site to allow connections from Headstone Manor to Harrow & Wealdstone railway station.  In addition, 20% of parking spaces have been identified as capable of providing electric charging points, with half of these fully installed to allow residents to charge their electric vehicles. The points are provided in a range of places, both for home owners and within visitor spaces.

Harrow View2

Local Employment – Persimmon has committed to ensuring local workers are engaged with the project. Persimmon and Harrow Council are actively tracking the number of local workers on the site and will continue to monitor this throughout the lifetime of the development. Persimmon is actively seeking to encourage the local workforce onto the site.

Quality Design – the wider master plan for the development was supported by a set of Design Guidelines – agreed jointly with Harrow Council – that will deliver high quality designed homes within the Harrow View West site. A key feature is to create a sense of place throughout the development. Buildings fronting onto open space have an emphasis on more traditional roof forms while buildings along the Green Link – a 35-metre wide corridor running through the site, to connect Harrow View to Headstone Manor – create a continuity of frontage and use a parapet wall to create a sense of enclosure to the space and reinforce the uniformity.

Headstone Manor Recreation Ground and the Green Link – key to the delivery of the scheme is the western open space, which has three key functions. First, it provides a link to Headstone Manor Recreation Ground to the west, providing easier access for all residents around the area to this facility. The open space has been designed to create a range of uses for all residents to enjoy. Secondly, the space improves the setting to Headstone Manor. This fourteenth century moated manor house, formerly the home of the Archbishop of the Canterbury, and its immediate surroundings are a Scheduled Monument, and the Manor itself is Grade I listed. Thirdly, it provides a sustainable urban drainage system, controlling surface water run off as well as feeding water into a network of reed beds and basins created by Harrow Council which are designed to stop the moat of Headstone Manor from silting up.

“Officers and members of the design team worked together to overcome issues and maximise the opportunities from the site’s features. The planning permission achieved provided a well-designed scheme that respected Headstone Manor to the west of the site whilst ensuring the scheme took advantage of opportunities to integrate the development with the wider community with footpath links and following good urban design principles. Everyone involved with the project is excited to see the scheme starting to come out of the ground and I look forward to seeing the final scheme completed in the near future.”

Craige Burden
Planning Manager Persimmon Homes North London