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Persimmon Homes South Midlands entered into a tri-party agreement with landowners and Hastings House Medical Practice to deliver a package of benefits to the community in support of a planning application for 350 houses on the edge of this large Warwickshire village.

Working with a historic estate that owned land and property in and around the village, Persimmon was able, in conjunction with the Parish Council, to secure various pieces of land and property as part of a planning agreement tied to the granting of planning permission offering real sustainable benefits to the community.

Key Elements


Computer generated image of the Site Entrance

Hasting House Medical Practice was in urgent need of relocation as the existing surgery building was beyond repair and on a very constrained site. Persimmon financed the planning application for the new surgery and supported its funding application to the NHS. A contribution of £5,000 per house towards financing the construction of the new surgery was also offered from the proceeds of development.

A new long lease was granted to the Parish Council for the village hall and land around it (which is owned by the estate) together with funds for its refurbishment.  The adjacent land will provide further parking in the village centre while a site adjacent to the primary school was secured to provide access, a drop off zone and additional parking to resolve traffic issues associated with the existing primary school site. Persimmon also provided additional funding of £200,000 towards the Parish Council’s proposals for an indoor sports facility within the village. Of the 350 houses to be delivered, just over a third will be affordable, delivered in partnership with a local registered provider.  Of these 123 affordable homes, 80 will be for social rent and 43 for shared ownership. This package was in addition to the Community Infrastructure Levy package of benefits secured as part of the grant of planning permission, an approach that was agreed in partnership with the landowners.


New doctor's surgery for the local community

Persimmon worked very closely with both the medical practice and the Parish Council in ensuring community support for the project. Both the housing and surgery were granted outline planning permission at local level during 2015 and now both sites have detailed approvals to allow the construction of both housing and the surgery to commence in early 2017.

“This is a project we had been talking to the NHS and the estate about for some time. However, it was bringing Persimmon into the project to provide their expertise and much needed funding support to the proposals which brought it to life. This collaboration enabled us to achieve our dream for the whole community of a brand new state of the art medical facility in the centre of the village.”

Dr Martin Read-Jones, Lead Partner on the project
Hasting House Medical Practice