Jeff Fairburn 2014

Dave Jenkinson, Group Chief Executive

"The Group's performance demonstrates that the successful achievement of our operational priorities is securing the delivery of our longer term strategic objectives."

Persimmon is one of the UK's leading housebuilders, building around 16,000 new homes a year in over 350 attractive locations across England, Scotland and Wales to help meet the UK’s housing need. We are committed to the highest standards of design, construction and service. Each of the Group’s 31 house building businesses is focused on delivering disciplined growth by meeting customer demand for well-designed homes of quality in locations where people wish to live and work. We concentrate on the basics of good house building; investing in high quality land; constructing good quality homes; delivering good customer care and working with local communities to deliver the infrastructure and new homes that support thriving places. The Persimmon team is proud to contribute to supporting sustainable communities in its local markets.

The strategy launched by the Group in early 2012 aims to build good quality homes at a range of price points across the UK in a way which creates and then protects, superior levels of value for all our stakeholders over the long term and through the housing cycle.

We take our corporate responsibilities very seriously and aim to integrate sustainability throughout our business which can also help us to improve operational and financial performance through innovation.  For example, Brickworks, our brick manufacturing plant based at our new manufacturing hub at Harworth near Doncaster, which is now operating at capacity, is helping to secure continuity of brick supply via a sustainable manufacturing process with a low carbon footprint whilst delivering financial benefits to the business. With similar objectives we are also investing in a new roof tile manufacturing plant which is currently under construction at the same site. As we continue to prioritise high standards of build quality we also continue to focus on delivering good levels of customer service throughout the home buying process, investing in our teams so they can provide high quality support for our customers. We continue to seek to innovate in supporting higher levels of customer service and the recent launch of our FibreNest broadband service for customers as we open new sites aims to ensure all our customers remain fully connected and well supported from moving in day. Continuous reliable high speed internet connectivity is now considered the “fourth utility” and is a key priority for many customers.

We continue to attract and invest in large numbers of trainees across the business to build the required platform of skills and expertise to support the further growth in the number of new homes built. The Group has invested in seven new house building businesses over the last four years to support the sustainable growth in new home construction that the country needs and which provides the opportunity for Persimmon staff to further develop their careers.  I am greatly encouraged by the energy, imagination and dedication of the whole Persimmon team from which I draw a great deal of confidence for the future of the business.

Dave Jenkinson

Group Chief Executive