Understanding our risks is fundamental to setting and monitoring the Group’s strategy. Our risk management framework is designed to ensure that the most significant risks affecting the Group's strategic objectives are identified, monitored and mitigated as effectively as possible.

Persimmon's principal risks are those with the potential to have a significant impact on the Group if they materialise or are managed ineffectively. The principal risks identified map to our strategic objectives. 

Group Principal Risks

  • UK's exit from the EU

  • National and regional economic conditions

  • Government policy 

  • Mortgage availability

  • Health and safety

  • Labour and resources: Skilled workforce, retention and succession 

  • Labour and resources: Materials and land availability 

  • Strategy 

  • Climate Change 

  • Reputation 

  • Regulatory compliance 

Further information about our principal risks and how we manage them can be found in our latest Annual Report.


How We Manage Risk Diagram March 2018