Creating long term, sustainable value

The resources that we need

Sustainable land holdings

A diverse, 
talented, engaged and motivated workforce


Community relations

Local Government relationships

Financial strength

What we do

Icon Strategic Land

Obtain planning permission

We have skilled and experienced land buying teams in each of our businesses who have detailed knowledge of their local area. We prioritise strategic land investment and work closely with local communities, land owners and authorities to obtain detailed planning consents for the right mix of housing to suit all the communities’ needs and create inclusive and sustainable
developments. We identify sites that are well situated, with good access to transport links and local amenities providing much needed housing in areas where our customers wish to live and work across the UK.

Icon Consented Land

Select and buy land

The Group has high quality land holdings providing it with continuity of supply, a strong sales network of sites serving communities across the UK and operational efficiencies. We are able to be selective in our land acquisitions, investing at the right time in the housing cycle creating resilience and placing the Group in a strong position to deliver higher returns over the near term. We maintain a disciplined approach to land investment appraisal which all our acquisitions must fulfil.   

Icon Construction

& construction

The Group has well-designed core house types providing a good range of attractively priced homes for our customers and supporting efficient operations. Our off-site manufacturing
capabilities, Space4, Brickworks and going forwards Tileworks, support our production rates and the sustainability and quality of key materials. We have enhanced our build quality, safety and
assurance processes through the introduction of our customer care improvement plan at the start of 2019. Without compromising quality or customer service, we maintain efficient operations and appropriate work in progress levels to meet our customers’ needs. We retain flexibility to react quickly to changes in the housing cycle.

Icon Sales

& customer care

We maintain a national development site network managed from 31 regional offices across the UK. This network enables us to understand and meet the needs of local communities and deliver a range of well-designed homes for our customers. Our dedicated and skilled sales and customer care teams are
available to our customers throughout their journey with us. We have invested significantly in digital technology to enhance the service we provide to our customers. A comprehensive customer support system has been established to guide them through the home buying process and to assist them once they have moved in, should it be required.

The value we create

Our business model delivers sustainable value for our stakeholders including our customers, our
workforce, the communities in which we build, the economy, the environment and our investors.

New homes delivered


3,392 delivered to
housing associations

Affordable prices


Of our private sales were
below £200,000

HBF Score


HBF survey - percentage of customers who would recommend Persimmon to a friend

First time buyers


Of our private sales
were to first time buyers

Financial strength


Balance sheet net assets
at 31 December 2019



People directly employed
on average in 2019

Jobs supported*


Construction and supply chain jobs

Capital returned to shareholders


In the year to 31 December 2019

* Estimated using an economic toolkit