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Our strategic objectives reflect our focus on the basics of good housebuilding, investing in a skilled and diverse workforce, acquiring land in sustainable locations and building good quality affordable family homes for our customers. This creates attractive neighbourhoods for our local communities and sustainable levels of value through the housing cycle for our shareholders. 

Our strategic objectives 


Building quality homes for our customers

  • Provide a range and choice of homes at attractive prices which satisfy local communities’ housing needs
  • Support first time buyers to participate in the market place
  • Build quality homes in places where people want to live and work across the UK, to meet market demand
  • Aim to provide high levels of customer service throughout the home buying process
  • Deliver new homes tailored to our housing association partners’ clients needs


Supporting sustainable communities

  • Create attractive neighbourhoods with high amenity value
  • Invest in local infrastructure to improve community environments
  • Design our developments to reflect communities’ needs through active engagement with all stakeholders during the planning and development process
  • Deliver housing that fulfils occupier requirements across multiple tenures
  • Build safely and responsibly
  • Minimise our environmental impact


Maintaining a diverse, skilled workforce

  • Invest in our people and their skills development, ensuring talent is recognised, nurtured and supported
  • Maintain a close knit, entrepreneurial and meritocratic culture where hard work is valued
  • Maintain excellent health and safety standards
  • Increase diversity in our workforce to enrich our culture and grow our talent and skill base


Providing a sustainable supply of high quality land

  • Identify and fulfil the needs of local communities through our land acquisition and planning processes
  • Through well-judged land replacement, deliver a sustainable supply of high quality land to meet market demand
  • Deliver our strategic land holdings for development
  • Maintain a high quality consented land bank


Securing quality and availability of materials

  • Support a secure and collaborative supply chain for the long term
  • Continue to strengthen our off-site manufacturing capabilities, including our Space4 modern method of construction; Brickworks, our brick manufacturing facility; and Tileworks, our roof tile manufacturing plant which is under construction


Optimising working capital and returns

  • Invest in working capital to meet market demand
  • Maintain discipline over the level of capital employed within the business through the cycle
  • Create greater certainty for shareholders regarding the timing and value of returns
  • Identify capital that is surplus to the operational needs of the business and distribute to shareholders