Materiality Assessment

We undertook a sustainability materiality assessment to help identify the key environmental, social and governance risks and opportunities for Persimmon, taking into account potential impact on the business and the current issues that matter most to our key stakeholder groups.

A list of 33 relevant issues were considered against recent stakeholder engagement, Government strategy, ongoing trends, publications, media analysis and customer insight and were scored on a scale of 1 to 5:

1 = moderate importance

5 = very high importance 

Ten material issues were identified for the Group. These material issues provide a clear direction of travel for the business ensuring our strategy is aligned to the issues that matter most.

Our top 10 material issues:

  1. Climate change action and resilience Reducing greenhouse gas emissions, energy use and ensuring resilience to the effects of climate change in the supply chain, business operations, customer homes and communities.
  2. Strategy Ensuring the right business strategy is in place to ensure long term value for key stakeholders.
  3. Build quality and safety Building high quality homes that will last through generations.
  4. Customer satisfaction Ensuring customers are happy with the service and process of buying a Persimmon home.
  5. Health and safety Protecting and promoting the safety of employees.
  6. Governance Implementing policies and practices to ensure all stakeholder expectations are met, manage risks and opportunities at the highest level in the business.
  7. Helping customers to live sustainably Making it easier for customers to make daily sustainable choices through the design of our homes.
  8. Social value and enhancing communities Demonstrating how we create value in the communities where we build.
  9. Talent attraction, diversity, development and engagement Ensuring we attract and retain the best talent through policies and practices.
  10. Cyber security and protection Protecting Persimmon’s employees and customers’ data from cyber attacks and improper use.