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From the moment you reserve your brand new Persimmon home, we do our utmost to make the whole experience enjoyable and informative every step of the way, not just while you're buying, but after you've moved in too.

Take a look at the answers to a selection of frequently asked questions for a wealth of helpful advice for new homebuyers.

You may also find our online buying guide a helpful step-by-step guide to buying a Persimmon new home.

If you can't find the answer you're looking for, please feel free to get in touch – we will be happy to help you with any query you may have.

  • Why buy a new home?

    There are many reasons for buying a brand new home and some are explained in Reasons to Buy New. New homes are more energy efficient than older properties and quieter due to advances in sound insulation methods. They are also built to high safety standards to meet strict regulations.

    For your peace of mind, new homes are protected by a 10-year new homes warranty should there be any problems.

    Apart from these practical considerations, there is the advantage of starting afresh, in a new community, with a blank canvas to create the home of your dreams. Our homes come with fitted kitchens and bathrooms and you have a choice of fittings and finishes. You can also customise your home with our Finishing Touches.

    Older properties can have high maintenance costs. You may need to improve the decorations and replace worn out kitchens, bathrooms, windows, wiring etc. If you choose a Persimmon home you may be able to take advantage of one of our many attractive promotional offers to help you buy your dream home.

  • Are there lots of hidden costs involved?

    If you've never bought a house before you might wonder why you need a solicitor to help you. But it's vital to ensure that everything is legally watertight. Good legal coverage is essential and this is where costs can begin to escalate. Not only will we help you find a good solicitor - one we know and trust to do a first class job for you - but we could pay up to £500 towards their services*.

    In addition to the cost of your new home and solicitor you'll need to consider Stamp Duty, Land Registry fees, Local Authority search and mortgage lender fees. If you're moving from an existing home you'll also need to take into account estate agent, solicitor and removal costs.

    * Some mortgage lenders will not permit the payment of legal fees please check with your sales advisor or Independent Financial Advisor.

Want to get your foot on the property ladder? Take a look at our helpful information for first-time buyers.

  • How can Persimmon help first-time buyers?

    Getting onto the first rung of the ladder can be the hardest part of the house-buying process. It can seem like a world of confusing jargon and hidden costs and can make buying your first home seem a bit overwhelming. However, we know this doesn't have to be the case - let us turn the process into a dream for you.

  • Can I afford a new home?

    Before you set your heart on a new property, you should consider how much you can afford. Then you need to work out how much money you have and how much you need to borrow. There is also a number of promotional offers that apply from time to time on our developments.

    When you visit one of our developments you will see the offers that are advertised. Call in and have a chat with one of our sales advisors. They will explain all the options available to you. In addition to the cost of your new home you will need to consider Stamp Duty, Land Registry fees, Local Authority search, mortgage lender fees and solicitors costs.

    You should also take into account the running cost of your new home including gas, electricity, council tax, water rates, ground rents [if the property is leasehold], service charges [for a leasehold flat] and insurance costs for the building and its contents.

  • I want to buy a new house but I don't have a deposit. What can I do?

    High rental prices can make it hard to save for a deposit. We're aware of this and we will make every effort to advise you on the best course of action. We are often able to provide some help, particularly if you use a Persimmon-nominated mortgage provider and solicitor. In addition, we have schemes designed specifically to help get you on the property ladder and there are many Government-led initiatives which can help you too.

  • Why should I buy a new home?

    With a new Persimmon home you can be confident you're getting value for money. We build quality homes in a highly efficient way to ensure our prices are always realistic. We also offer a wide choice of property styles and incentives so there is something to suit everyone.

    Buying a new home is less stressful as there's no need to wait for existing residents to move out. This also means your new home will be clean and untouched by previous owners, providing you with a blank canvas on which to stamp your own style and personality.

    Benefits of new homes

    • New homes have significantly more wall, floor and loft insulation and are already six times more energy efficient than older homes, which can reduce energy bills by over £500 per annum.
    • Advanced double-glazing and secure locks offer window and door security, keeping the heat in and unwanted visitors out.
    • Low-maintenance features including uPVC windows and fascias with most external features usually requiring no redecoration.
    • Latest technology and highly efficient heating systems including energy efficient condensing boilers.
    • A wide choice of internal features, including kitchen units, tiling, floor coverings, etc. to make your house a home.
    • The latest building techniques including many modern methods of construction and renewable energy sources, including solar panels and air-source heat pumps.
    • 10-year new homes warranty and 24-hour customer care support for the first two years.
    • New homes can generate over 60% less CO2 emissions than older homes, helping the environment.
    • Better design can provide 17% more usable space than in older-style properties.
    • A comprehensive check at all stages of the build, including by independent bodies, assures the best quality of construction.

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