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Are you our next Chief Executive?

Jeff Fairburn, Persimmon Chief Executive
Jeff Fairburn, Chief Executive

Congratulations on reaching the special page dedicated to our project to find apprentices across the UK.

Our current Chief Executive, Jeff Fairburn (pictured right) who is still only 47 years old, started in just this way at 17, so who knows, perhaps you’ll be our future Chief Executive?

The link at the bottom of this page takes you to our special Persimmon Jobs website where you can apply directly for one of our apprenticeships.

Before you do so, here’s some information that may help you.

Applying for an apprenticeship – a teacher’s guide

Catherine Burton is head of business studies and vocational education at a leading Midlands school. Here’s her handy guide.

What is an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship will give you the opportunity to gain a wide range of different experiences. As an apprentice you will be trained by experienced staff whilst earning a wage. The majority of your time will be learning skills on the job; however, you will also work towards recognised national qualifications on day release at college.

You will follow a structured training programme and will receive extensive support from Persimmon throughout the apprenticeship to ensure your skills develop to the highest standard.

How do I know if I have the right skills and qualifications to apply?

If you're leaving school with GCSEs you can apply for a Persimmon apprenticeship. You will need to check the entry requirement to make sure you have the right qualifications. Alongside this you will need to show you're committed and keen to learn. Persimmon will want to see you're reliable, motivated and enthusiastic so make sure you demonstrate these attributes in your interview and application.

How do I apply?

Our dedicated jobs website has all the information you will need. If your application is successful you will be invited to an interview where you will have the opportunity to discuss the apprenticeship further, but most importantly sell yourself! Check out the dos and don’ts below to help you with your application:


  • Sell yourself on your application – the more comprehensive, the better.
  • Spend some time writing a personal statement – this gives you the chance to tell Persimmon about why you would be the best for the apprenticeship.
  • Make sure you demonstrate where you have developed skills e.g. group work at school developed your teamworking skills.
  • You may want to get an adult to check over your application, this could be a parent or a teacher.
  • Research the company – this will be particularly impressive at the interview and shows you have used your initiative.
  • Remember an interview is a formal situation – think carefully about what you wear and the way you speak.


  • Assume Persimmon will know about you – anything extra you have done at school, particularly extra-curricular, make sure you write on your application. It shows you're a well-rounded person. For example sports clubs, prefect, form rep etc.
  • Go to the interview unprepared. Think about what you might say to standard interview questions. For example you may be asked to describe your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Turn up to the interview late. You have to make the right impression from the start. Set off from home in plenty of time, it doesn’t matter if you arrive at the interview early.

Who is Persimmon?

Persimmon is one of the UK’s biggest house builders. We have 24 regional offices located across the UK in Scotland, England and Wales. All of our offices are looking for apprentices.

We build homes under the brand names Persimmon Homes, Charles Church, Hillreed Homes and Westbury Partnerships.

In total, we build around 11,500 homes every year across approximately 400 development sites.

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