Child’s Charity appeal chosen by Persimmon Homes

Persimmon Homes has pledged to support a fundraising drive to help an East Anglian girl to walk unaided.

Persimmon Homes Anglia has selected the Harper’s Little Helpers appeal as its 2019 nominated charity of the year.

The aim of the charity is to raise £80,000 for a life-changing operation to enable three-year-old Harper Sharrocks from Norwich in her aim to walk her first steps.

Andrew Fuller, Managing Director at Persimmon Homes Anglia, said: “Every year our employees vote for a regional charity to be the focus of all their fundraising. We have all been very moved by the plight of this beautiful little girl and her brave family, so we are proud to help their appeal.”

Supporters have already raised just almost £20,000 for the fund and anyone interested in helping can donate at

Harper’s dad Stephen said: “We are currently fundraising for a life-changing operation that is not available on the NHS. The procedure – selective dorsal rhizotomy – could totally change her life, allowing her to walk unaided.

“The operation is going to make a huge difference to Harper’s life, taking away the pain that the spasticity will cause her joints, and donations like this are so greatly appreciated.”

In addition to the regional charity of the year, Persimmon Homes Anglia makes regular donations to local groups and good causes through its Community Champions fund, and has recently launched Building Futures in partnership with Team GB.

This new scheme seeks to support projects benefiting anyone aged under 18 in the categories of sport, health and education. For more information and to apply for funding visit