Michael’s career off to a flyer

A young quantity surveyor has embarked on a secondment 340-miles from home to help bring vital experience to Persimmon Homes’ West Wales office.

Michael Graham, 26, has worked his way up the ranks in Persimmon Homes Durham business having started with the company aged 18.

He has been drafted in to help at Persimmon Homes West Wales Swansea office for the next six months to support and introduce best practice within the commercial team.

Michael flies from Newcastle to Cardiff every Monday and returns home to his girlfriend in the North East on Friday.

He said: “It came out of the blue. The MD asked me whether I would consider it as the West Wales business needed some additional support.”

“I had to think about it as I only recently moved into my new Persimmon home in Durham, but I decided to go for it.”

“It means I’ve gone from a two minute commute to five hours! I was staying in a hotel at first but I’ve now moved into a flat in Swansea and I’ve settled well.”

Michael, who has achieved NVQ, HNC, ONC and degree qualifications with the help of Persimmon, said he was enjoying assisting West Wales’ young, seven-strong commercial team.

“The fundamentals are the same, there are just some slight differences in practices and procedures,” said the Sunderland AFC fan.

“Persimmon has given me fantastic support with my training so it’s good to be able to share that experience with others.”