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Classy and confident homes at Germany Beck

Classy and confident homes at Germany Beck

With records dating back over one thousand years, Germany Beck, near Fulford in North Yorkshire, is a most historic place to create your new home.

So when Persimmon Homes set about building its hugely popular Germany Beck development in the area, the company’s designers knew they had to produce something that, like a fine wine, will not only last but mature beautifully and improve with age.

Within easy reach of local amenities, an abundance of countryside and perfect for commuting to nearby York, these stunning two, three and four-bedroom contemporary homes boast all the latest design benefits.

A winning blend of contemporary and classic styling is reflected in some of the colour schemes featured in the Kilburn show home: where bright and optimistic meets something altogether deeper – with truly amazing results.

Cool, calm, classy but not overpowering that’s what we strived to achieve at Germany Beck. The texture and character of the dark grey and green accessories match its proud environment, while light, space and cheery relief is found in abundance with contrasting dusty pink, off-white and natural tones feature and walls.

And if you have an eye for interiors, you won’t need telling that there’s little to beat a classic, solid-wood or gold-framed mirror against a deep dark wall.

While individual rooms offer a range of interpretations and variations on the theme, the overall character is maintained throughout: classy, confident and artistic.

Ultimately however, YOU are in charge – and what we offer, however attractive, is there to be enhanced and further developed in your own image. Buying a new build house means you can stamp your own personality on it once you move in.

So feel free to experiment and enjoy: add your own splashes of creativity and allow your home to express who you are. With our carefully constructed designs you can let your imagination run free, safe in the knowledge that your finishing flourishes will only enhance your new dream home.

As soon as you reserve your new Persimmon home, we strive to make the experience a pleasure. For more information on the new build homes available at Germany Beck in York click here


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