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Megan’s still starry-eyed for her Persimmon Home

Megan’s still starry-eyed for her Persimmon Home

Our ambassador Megan Wilburn loves being a member of the international cabin crew for one of the UK’s biggest airlines – but home, her Persimmon Homes Leicester-style home, is certainly where the heart is.

Megan and her partner Tom moved in almost a year ago and this is their first home together.

Megan says: “We have both lived in rented houses before and this is the first time we bought a home together and we absolutely love it. “We chose this house as it was located in a private area and is in the town we wanted to live in. We also thought it was really good value for money according to the plot size, the number of bedrooms and garden space.

“When we reserved our home, we could only see the foundations, so it was great to see the progress of it week by week. In total we waited about six months, which was perfect for us as we wanted to save as much money as possible so we could buy all our new furniture before we moved in.

“New builds are perfect because you can move in as soon as you complete as you will have everything you need when you move in and no work will be needed on the house. It’s also a blank canvas to decorate and put your very own stamp on it.”

Followers of Megan’s account will have seen the changes she has made and the personal touch she has brought to make the house their home. “I think most of the time I get my ideas in the shops when I’m looking at accessories and decorations for my home. Ideas come along as I shop really. However, I do get a lot of inspiration from many other Instagram bloggers as well as home magazines,” she added. “I don’t really have a theme for the whole house as some rooms are slightly different styles to others. I wouldn’t want the entire house to look the same so at the moment I’m taking each room as it comes and enjoying taking my time to decorate. I do believe though I might a have slight obsession for blush pink and gold accessories at the moment!”

Megan added: “I’m so lucky to travel to a different destination on a weekly basis, but I do love coming home too! “Our favourite feature has to be the master bedroom. It’s the biggest room and is situated on the top floor of “The Leicester” which is designed to be in the roof of the house. We love going to bed and being able to watch the stars from the window above us on a clear night.”

And Megan’s top advice for anyone else looking forward to moving into their new home? “Persimmon have been great with us and we were able to enjoy and wait for our home to be built. The only tip I could give is when it comes to the last few weeks of you completing, ask if you are able to get some measurements within the house as this really helped me choose furniture and little things like curtains/blinds. This is a great thing to do whilst you receive your home demo also.”


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