4 key looks: get the French-style bedroom of your dreams

We’ve explored everything French and what makes home, home, to celebrate the Paris 2024 Olympic Games and our partnership with Team GB. What will be your French-inspired sleep sanctuary choice?

All about timeless, playful pieces, self-expression and comfort, it’s not surprising that French style never goes out of fashion. And for home décor, your bedroom is the perfect space to bring in that elegant yet stylish element. Perfect for new homes, this interior-design philosophy can go from statement-making luxury to laid-back everyday chic. Most important of all, it’s about being true to yourself and making your space as unique as you are. 

‘It’s nice to come home…and be me.’ - Lauren Williams, Taekwondo Team GB athlete

Working towards their goals and dreams, in our Olympic Roots series some of the Team GB athletes tell their story of 'home'. More than a space to rest and recharge for the day ahead, home is time spent with family and a place where they can be themselves. And at its heart that’s what French style does best – create a comforting, joy-filled base.

To make your ideal French-style bedroom, you can start with a statement ceiling light, bold wall colour, or inspiring fabric. Another important factor is the dimensions and light available in the room. This will help you choose how you want the room to feel, for example, do you want it to be sophisticated or informal? Whether you want a simple scheme that grows over time or a more dramatic look, keep reading for methods and tips – and bring that 'joie de vivre' to your everyday.

Dream big: the ultimate romantic look

Bold yet soft, this is a simple way to transform your bedroom into a space that’s beautiful, playful and elegant. To perfectly blend this look into your home’s overall design, enjoy researching and trying out your favourite pink shades. Cooler tones will increase the feeling of size in the room, and warmer shades will give a cosy cocoon atmosphere. You can also play with floor-to-ceiling coverage, an accent wall, or the classic: fully painted walls with a neutral ceiling.

For bedroom furniture and styling, this look can lean towards vintage, the old and new Paris-inspired look, or a more French country-cottage style. Warm and natural wood tones will always pair well with various pinks, as will pops of colour that complement. For windows, match the theme of the room. If you’re going for a classic look, maybe add a vintage print to your curtains. And with a modern look, choose either a neutral or statement tone – such as green, yellow, or, you guessed it, pink.  

Tips for this look:

1. Take time to choose your ideal shade

2. Add upcycled second-hand pieces

3. Match the curtains to your theme

4. Play with furniture, hardware and accessories

The Magpie: a collector’s paradise

This look is ideal if you are a magpie by (shopping) nature. If you’re passionate about antique or second-hand shops, an art collector or someone who likes to develop their space over time – this is a liberating way to decorate. All about exploring your unique taste, the blank canvas of an all-white room gives you the freedom to discover new favourite finds without the need to refer to a colour scheme. So rather than a tame choice, it has the potential to be as eclectic as you want it to be.

Firstly, choose the tone of white that works for your space. Bold or subtle styling will work with this theme, and French-style bedroom furniture will also transform the room, and give a beautiful atmosphere. To add instant sophistication, mouldings and beading are an inexpensive and quick way to give your space an elegant curve element.

Tips for this look:

1. Choose your ideal neutral shade

2. Use wall beading and mouldings

3. Find favourite French-inspired furniture pieces

4. Have fun collecting elements that bring the room to life

A cosy cocoon: dark hues and jewel tones

A deep wall colour in your bedroom can instantly create a dramatic yet elegant statement (that’s surprisingly spa-like). From earthy dark hues to regal dark greens and blues, like other pigmented wall methods, you can choose a neutral ceiling or a full wall-to-ceiling look for a sophisticated finish. For furniture pieces, white and neutral tones work well to give a graceful contrast, such as a French-style bed. Colourful accessories also make an eye-catching impact, just be careful to select compatible shades for your walls. 

An ultra-relaxing space, darker rooms absorb the light and create an overall feel that’s both chic and sleep-promoting. Mimicking the night sky, they also give a royal plush feeling – go on the hunt for jewel-toned throws, pillows and rugs to make the most of this effect.

Tips for this look:

1. Pair with white or neutral furniture pieces

2. Be playful with colourful accessories

3. Add wood to give warmth and extra grounded-ness

4. Add extra depth with dark furniture

Fit for royalty: go for golden tones

For an especially luxurious bedroom look, the famous Rococo and Versailles styles indulge the senses with feminine curved details that can be found in vintage furniture pieces. This look can be combined with an all-white wall theme or a bold colour scheme. Playful fabrics, wallpaper and prints also go especially well – a more-is-more outlook is your guiding light with this interior design method.

A French-style essential, make sure to include a gold-framed large mirror or artwork in your room – this will give an instant feeling of grandeur and beauty to your space. And for that extra laid-back feel, place it on a chest of drawers and lean it against the wall. Large coffee table books are a great, stylish way to stabilise this feature and add visual interest too.

Tips for this look:

1. Go searching for vintage French-style furniture

2. Add brass hardware wherever possible

3. Enjoy finding elaborate bedding, wallpapers and fabrics

4. Don’t be afraid to upcycle and repaint

Finishing touches (that make all the difference)…


First on the list has to be your choice of bed. Rattan beds are very popular in terms of French country style, and if you're lucky, you can also find ornate bed designs in antique shops. Restoring an antique piece will also create a beautiful centrepiece in the room that feels bespoke.
From cosy rugs to treasured artwork, quirky quilts, pillows, bedside tables and lampshades – your space really comes to life with accessories. With these, go with your instinct and have fun collecting them. A handy tip is to keep any wall colour samples with you in your purse, so you can take advantage of on-the-go shopping finds.
Window dressing is a quintessential part of French style, and it’s another factor that can either be striking or gracefully neutral. A great way to add instant extra romance, you can choose semi-transparent, flowing curtains that are doubled up with light-blocking blinds or a full outer curtain in a stunning shade. 

Showcase your style!

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