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Aesthetic neutral bedroom ideas for your home

Want to create the cosy, aesthetic bedroom of your dreams? Persimmon brand ambassador Natasha shares her interiors style and tips for putting together a neutral bedroom decor look.

Embracing a neutral style

When I bought my Persimmon Chedworth it was in the very early stages of the build process, and essentially a shell that I could get creative with. So, I immediately started thinking about the colours and decor styles I wanted to implement into the main rooms.

I spent a lot of time looking at other homes on Instagram, and at the time the trending style was grey and silver. I already had quite a few mirrored furniture pieces, so grey and dark walls seemed to be the natural choice.

Fast forward four years however, and I’ve completely revamped all the rooms in my house with aesthetic neutral decor. I've gone for neutral tones or black statement feature walls for that clean, monochrome touch.

Since changing my living room from black to creamy white I love relaxing in there now. The lighter colours have created such a wonderful calming atmosphere, and I spend a lot of time sitting on the white velvet sofa reading or working from my phone.

Whenever a guest comes to visit, they always compliment how cosy and beautiful the living room aesthetic is. I would definitely say the living room is my favourite room in the house aside from the master bedroom. 

DIY neutral décor projects

Over the last two years I’ve worked my way through the house changing the wall colours and furniture, including lots of DIY projects. I pride myself on giving any project a go, and really enjoy drawing and planning out how I’m going to build something. 

I built a lot of the furniture in our home myself, including the dining table, sideboards, radiator covers and kitchen table. I’ve also fallen in love with lime wash paints and the chalky textured finish they create. My master bedroom, guest room and dressing room all feature different shades of lime wash paint. 

One of my biggest passions is creating light fixtures and up-cycling furniture. Often, I’ll see an expensive light on Pinterest and say to myself “I can make that for a fraction of the price”. My favourite light I’ve designed is hanging above the staircase and was made simply using wire and wooden dowels.

A few weeks ago, I finished making a beautiful piece of creased artwork for my master bedroom. I made it using a picture canvas I got for free on Facebook Marketplace, a bed sheet, lots of PVA glue and white spray paint. 

My inspiration for these creations definitely comes from a Scandinavian influence and love of ethereal decor. I really like incorporating natural materials into my styling process such, as using curly hazel branches and corylus stems. I have lots of both displayed throughout my home in large pots and rustic vases. In my opinion, they seamlessly carry that earthy feel from room to room.

Finding the right pieces

When it comes to buying décor and accessories, there are a few interior companies that I like to purchase pieces from. My favourite is probably Westholme Interiors; a lot of my vases are from the brands Cooee and DBKD which they stock in the UK.

I recently discovered another brand called 101 Copenhagen who make the most exquisite large vases, and I’m very excited because I have one arriving soon for my grand hallway glow up.

I also love high street home collections from Zara, H&M, Primark, B&M and The Range. There’s nothing better than finding decorative bargains, and I always keep in mind that if I like a decorative piece but it isn’t quite the right colour for my home, I can spray paint it to match my decor. 

Creating the perfect cosy cloud bedroom

The ultimate inspiration for our master bedroom is a cloud, so I wanted a light and airy room. To have a good night’s sleep I need a room to feel peaceful and clean, so looked for neutral colours, minimalist furniture and cosy textures.

The focal point of the room is the bed, which I recently designed with a company I work with, The Luxury Bed Company. It’s been made using a beautiful cream teddy fabric which has added another layer of texture to the room. The shape and mood of the bed frame led me to create the DIY creased art piece - I felt the room needed a luxury touch that only a piece of art could add.

Another of my DIY ideas came to life in the form of the bedside table lamps. I spray painted some old lamp legs white and designed a crumpled flower lampshade out of crafting paper. All these textures really complement each other and helped achieve that desired cloudlike mood.

I also added a few small contrasts, with touches of black in the bedside tables (which I upcycled), the curtain pole, the floor standing arched mirror and a couple of statement vases. I wanted a few pops of black to give a touch of japandi décor – a style that combines Scandinavian and Japanese design.

There will always be minor tweaks I’ll want to make to the bedroom, since it’s a heavily used room and I’m always coming up with new ideas to make it feel even more special. The feature wall is actually going to be painted one more time, with a much lighter shade of lime wash paint.

If you’re not feeling completely relaxed or calm in your bedroom, I’d recommend making small, inexpensive changes to the décor that can have a great overall impact. This could mean upcycling something you already have or switching up your bedding to lighter colours. My motto is, “if you don’t love a room, you won’t look forward to spending time in it”.


Neutral aesthetic bedroom décor tips

If you’d like to create your own neutral aesthetic bedroom but you’re not sure where to start, here are some of my top tips.

1. Before choosing a beige or neutral wall colour, make sure it will go with your bed fabric.

The bed is often the biggest piece of furniture in the room and can pull the visual focus, so if it clashes with the wall colour the whole room décor won’t look right. There are so many different undertones to neutral paints which once painted on the wall can give off a grey, green or brown hue.

2. If you want to create a luxury look, white bedding is a must.

I also think a relaxed-looking bed rather than a perfectly made one can look a lot cosier. Instead of pulling up the duvet all the way to your pillows I loosely fold mine at the foot of the bed, plump the pillows and add lots of large scatter cushions. This creates the illusion of a bouncy, taller and grander bed base.

3. Don’t be afraid to mix and match several different shades of white with your accessories such as throws, cushions and vases.

It’s hard to match white fabrics perfectly, so I use this to my advantage to create a layered look whilst staying within in the colour palette.

4. With neutral décor, less is more.

Personally I feel lots of accessories in the bedroom can look cluttered, so perhaps try adding one item at a time. Plus, the more things you have on display the more dusting you will need to do. Minimalism is key!

5. Don’t be afraid to add contrasting colours to your neutral aesthetic.

For example, I like to juxtapose white against black, but a soft gold can also look beautiful. Try to avoid bright golds and opt for a muted or brushed gold instead, this will keep the overall look soft but luxurious.

6. Use lighting to change the mood.

To change the mood of the room from day to night, use cool white bulbs in the main ceiling lights for the feeling of natural light. You can then contrast them with warm white bulbs for the bedside lamps in the evenings. I find the warm white bulbs gentler on my eyes when I’m reading in bed.

7. Lastly, don’t be afraid to use other people’s pictures as your inspiration!

The whole point of sharing my home on Instagram is to let others use my interior design ideas and adapt to their own style. I take it as a huge compliment when someone tells me they've used one of my DIY designs to create their own masterpiece.



You can see more of Natasha's beautiful home and learn her top styling tips on Instagram, @the_bluebell_dreamhome.

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