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Top tips for creating a cosy living room

Your living room is more than just a space, it’s your retreat from the grind of daily life. A place for you to relax and unwind after a busy day, or to entertain family and friends. We catch up with Persimmon Brand Ambassador Naomi, who shares her tips for creating the cosiest of living spaces.

Creating a focal point

When I purchased my Persimmon Hadleigh, one of things I wanted to do was create a focal point in the living room. It’s a really good-sized space, so I spent plenty of time looking for inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram. 

I decided to go for a feature media wall as I thought it was a great way to add character, breaking up the square walls to add depth. The other benefit was the ability to hide all the wiring within the walls, which results in a sleek and contemporary living space with no wiring on show. 

A feature media wall was also the perfect place for a fireplace surround, which I wanted to include to add real warmth and also so I could cosy up in there on the colder winter nights. With the media wall, I was able to recess this into the wall as well.

This focal point is my favourite part of the room. I think it adds such a wow factor and was also a reasonable cost to get done by a local carpenter and plasterer. They were actually in to do the work as soon as I got the keys, so I could build the rest of the room around this.

Choosing the right colour palette

Next up was choosing the right colour scheme. 

I wanted to create a room that was cozy, warm and relaxing, but also neutral. More of a farmhouse look that would contrast the contemporary media wall and fireplace, and perfectly blend a look of old and new.

I opted for Dulux Egyptian Cotton for the walls, which I think is a beautiful, distinctive and versatile shade of warm neutral. This, combined with French shutters and a gold curtain rail with ceiling to floor curtains that complimented the colour of the walls, worked brilliantly for the style I was going for.

Over time, I’ve also added plush throws and knit cushions, to add further warmth to the room and add more depth and visual interest.

Comfy seating

Along with creating a focal point with the media wall and fireplace, another key centrepiece of any living room are the sofas. In the Hadleigh, there’s enough space for a three or four-seater sofa against the back wall and a two-seater against the other. You could even fit an armchair in the corner, but I didn’t want it to look too crowded. 

I decided on a three-seater and a two-seater, but it took me ages to decide. Many hours were spent researching and wandering around furniture shops until I found exactly what I was looking for – the look of luxury in a light grey velvet finish. 

But it wasn’t just the ‘look’ of the sofas, which obviously was important to compliment the style I was going for, but they also needed to be comfy, a sofa that I could really unwind on and sink into.

Get the lighting right

Having the right lighting also plays a vital role in creating a warm and cosy ambiance. For the main overhead light, I choose a semi-flush mount fixture in matt black with exposed bulbs. It’s quite a modern-looking fixture in a more traditional looking room, designed to contrast against the warm and natural hues. 

To incorporate layered lighting and create a warm glow, I’ve also added two table lamps on the end of each console table. These were actually chrome lamps from my old home that I managed to upcycle using left over Dulux Egyptian Cotton paint, dabbed on using a sponge to create a textured look.

I rarely use the main ceiling light as it's quite bright. Instead I'll use the lamps and firelight to keep the mood nice and cosy in there, every single night. 

Adding panelling

One of the last jobs I did in the lounge was to introduce panelling. Panelling is massively on-trend at the moment. For a DIY novice, I was a bit apprehensive about doing this myself, but after a few online tutorials, I decided to give it a go. 

It’s really simple to do it yourself and I’m so glad I did. It’s also very affordable, but makes a room look so elegant. I bought the MDF from a local timber merchant for less than £20, who also cut it all to size. All you need then is a good adhesive and primer and you’re good to go. 

I went for half height panelling with a small shelf and used a matt white paint to compliment the colour of the rest of the room. Using panelling either side of the media wall adds depth and character to the room.

Hiding the clutter and accessories

I’m an absolute sucker for a nice wicker basket, and I’ve got four in the lounge! These are great to keep my child’s toys neat and tidy, or use aesthetically with a cushion inside and throw over.

The two console tables fit perfectly either side of the media wall. These are great for displaying coffee table style books, a statement clock, and flowers and vases, all designed to add style and warmth to my living space. The console tables were just plain and simple wooden tables that I ordered online. But, with a paint wash finish to give them more of a rustic look, plus changing the handles to brass, they look more exp.

Other accessories are also important, like a wool-based rug in neutral tones to add more warmth and a wall mirror that I upcycled from the charity shop and painted it like the lamps to match the ambiance I was trying to create.

Creating a cosy living room does take careful planning to achieve the look you want, but once you’ve done this, it’s a room that you’re going to get so much joy out of for a very long time!

By thinking about focal points, colour palettes, lighting, soft furnishings and investing in the right pieces of furniture, anyone can make their living room feel like a relaxing place to unwind or entertain.


You can see more of Naomi's beautiful home on Instagram, @homes4nomes



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