9 creative wall art ideas

Wall art is an easy way to add style and personality to your home – take a look at some creative wall art ideas you might not have considered.

One of the best things about moving into a brand-new house is how fresh everything feels. Pristine white walls in the bedrooms, on the stairs, in the bathrooms and kitchen. While you might relish the minimalist beauty of the blank canvas – especially if you’ve had years of renting a space someone else has decorated – a new home is an exciting chance to make a place your own.

Stamping your own personality on a space could be as simple as buying a dramatic seascape to hang over the mantelpiece. You might want to frame and add artworks from your children, or create an abstract canvas of your own. You might like to use smaller pieces and scrapbook your wall with memorabilia that reminds you of sunny holidays or milestone anniversaries. However you want to add character, here are 10 ideas of how you can personalise your brand new home.

1. Add a decal

We get it. You’re not ready to paint the walls or make too many changes. That’s absolutely fine. The good news is, you don’t have to. Interior decoration venders are offering a huge variety of wall stickers and decals to make transforming white space effortless and more importantly, reversable!

So, why not try simple transfers to transform your stairs, or brighten the smallest room with a spectrum of stickers? Recreate fields of flowers, or balloons drifting across the sky. Try a nursery filled with a whole herd of Noah's ark animals or a dreamscape devoted to floating whales.

2. Create memory boxes

Memory boxes are a great way of using the tickets, photos and keepsakes we all have sitting around in drawers and cupboards. You could assemble a box frame of train tickets, photos and funny souvenirs, or a baby’s tiny footprints preserved in clay.

Simply adding your treasured items to a frame and mounting them on a wall means you can bring your memories to life and enjoy them every day.

3. Paint your own

You don't need a degree in art to create a pretty creditable abstract painting that will look striking on any white wall. What you do need is vision. Think about your favourite colours as a starting point to create a room scheme, or choose tones of the furnishings you already have to make into an art piece that ties your space together.

If you don’t fancy getting out your paintbrush yet, you could go shopping in an interiors shop, or go online. There are plenty of retailers who offer abstract art and indeed plenty of artists who can make a bespoke piece to suit your home perfectly.

4. Cluster small artworks

Instead of very large canvases that dominate the space, you could try smaller collections that work together to create a dramatic overall effect. You might be inspired by postcards found in a vintage shop, or old family photos.

Add in some small prints you love from independent online sellers, or some lovely paintings found in charity shops. No matter how small the art, the important thing is that when placed together the pieces feel like they belong together.

5. Classic print, repeat

Do you have a penchant for prints of the Olympics? Have you been to art exhibitions and bought a truck load of posters over the years? What about retro prints of your favourite holiday destinations?

If you have lots of prints with similar styles, you could display them in groups of 3, 6 or 9 in identical frames. Think about the colour palette, how the pieces work together and create your own permanent collection of joy.

6. Wall art that isn’t art

When it comes to wall art, you might think of square frames or canvas prints – but art doesn’t have to be square, or oblong or have any lines at all. What if your wall art was round, or ornately patterned and pictureless?

Round mirrors make for a stunning wall art display. From fisheye, to sunburst, to geometric frames, they add a touch of eclectic luxury. Mix between large to small, paint the frames different colours, or go for gold to keep it cohesive.

7. Hats off to a great display

To make a wall less ordinary, you can choose a collection of ordinary things to jazz it up. This is your opportunity to play with repeat patterns, collections and have some fun.

Remember that collection of gorgeous antique spoons you bought in a car boot sale? Wouldn’t they look amazing displayed across your kitchen wall. What about your hat collection in boxes on top of the wardrobe? Why not hang them up and create a talking point. Bowls and woven baskets are also great options when it comes to unique wall displays.

8. Go big with a mural

Do you ever dream of looking out over a white sandy beach watching the sunset? Or wandering into a tropical forest with brightly coloured birds and butterflies fluttering past your head? Maybe a more abstract background is more your style.

If you’d like your décor to transport you to a different setting, then it could be time to add a mural to your living space. This could be a real-life photograph, or a beautiful painting – there are plenty of great wallpaper solutions for both.

9. White space, the final frontier

But what if you actually like the white space? Minimalism can be as much of a statement as having colourful artworks covering your walls. It may be that your space just needs some subtle interest and a touch of texture. A pure white canvas may not be as wacky as you think.

A neutral, textured artwork offers subtlety and style in your bathroom, bedroom and living spaces. And, more importantly, it gives your imagination room to breathe and to re-imagine any number of landscapes.


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