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Sun, sea and slower living - that’s just some of what you can expect when buying a home in Norfolk. This county is a patchwork of stunning landscapes, cultural hubs and innovation, meaning that there’s plenty for you to make the most of. Whether you’re looking to advance in your career or take a step back and enjoy the scenery, you’ll find that and more when buying a house in Norfolk. It’s not just a seaside county - it’s a place that many love to call home.

New builds in Norfolk

If it’s coastal living you’re after, then look no further than Norfolk. This is the sunniest county in the UK and has over 90 miles of glorious beaches ready for you to sink your toes into. But there’s so much more to this county. Expanding sectors, a medieval history, cultural landmarks, and even its own airport all come with this bright and beautiful location that anyone would be proud to call home.


Living in Norfolk

A patchwork of scenery

We don’t need to go into much detail about the many beaches that Norfolk is home to. Towns such as Well-next-the-Sea and Mundesley are known for their sweeping coastlines, and many tourists flock to Great Yarmouth for its Golden Mile seafront.

The county’s seafaring roots stretch back to the Middle Ages, with King’s Lynn’s maritime heritage, in particular, still dominant throughout the town. Martham lies halfway between Norfolk Broads and the North Sea, meaning that you're never far from the ocean waves, even if you buy a home amongst the county’s rolling country hills.

Norfolk doesn’t stop at the coast, however. It's a tapestry of woodland, green spaces and urban spaces, meaning you’re sure to find your dream home in a location that best suits you. Norwich is its leading city, offering a beautiful blend of rich history and contemporary living. It’s home to a number of famous faces, Colman’s Mustard and the UK’s first-ever postcodes, proving that its history is as varied as its landscapes. You’ll be sure to find your place here in Norfolk.

A cultural hive

Norfolk is a county of firsts. We’ve already mentioned that it saw the country’s first postcodes, but did you know it’s also a literary frontrunner? The first English book published by a woman, the first English newspaper and the UK’s first Creative Writing MA, held at the University of East Anglia. Bookworms and aspiring creatives will certainly feel at home here.

But the county is known for more than its literary achievements. Being a coastal location, its seafood is to die for - especially as it is the birthplace of Cromer Crab and fish fingers. What’s more, Norfolk’s residents come from all over the world, and they brought their favourite foods with them. This means that you’ll find an array of cuisines to enjoy, whether that’s in a restaurant or in the kitchen of your new house.

The arts and culture sector thrives here, too. One of the county’s yearly festivals includes the UK’s oldest surviving arts festival - The Norfolk and Norwich Festival. You can also see a show in the theatres dotted throughout, or visit one of its many museums and stately homes. So, if you want to settle down and soak up our country’s culture, Norfolk is a fantastic place for buying a home.

Looking to the future

Slow living doesn’t apply to Norfolk’s economy, however. If you want to level up your career and make your mark on the world, then look no further than this booming county. Top sectors for the county include food, manufacturing and engineering, and digital.

Its energy sector is also expanding. Alongside Suffolk, the county plays a significant role in the UK’s net zero strategy, with the region’s Energy Recovery Strategy ensuring that there are steps in place to strengthen offshore energy production as well as increasing employment opportunities and investment. Buying a new build in Norfolk means putting yourself front and centre in terms of career opportunities, especially if you’re passionate about making a difference.

New homes in Norfolk

Norfolk is a beautiful county with a rich past and an exciting future. And if you’re looking to live in a place that will enrich your future goals or a tranquil location that you can settle down in, Persimmon’s new housing developments will place you right in the mix of sea, sun, slow living and fast-paced development.