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West Dunbartonshire

Looking for a new home in West Dumbartonshire?

West Dunbartonshire stretches from the shores of the River Clyde to the shores of Loch Lomond. Two famous Scottish waters on two of its borders.

It’s one of Scotland’s 32 council areas and it’s home to some of Glasgow’s popular commuter towns and villages. These are concentrated along the line of the A82 which starts in Clydebank on the outskirts of Glasgow and heads up to Stirling. From Dumbarton itself, to the great city of Glasgow, is just 14 miles.

The greater part of West Dunbartonshire is an unspoilt landscape that takes in Fyn Loch, Loch Humphrey and Cochno Loch. The Slacks Mountain in the Kilpatrick Hills is the high point that looks out over the city and Dumbarton Castle is the landmark that looks out over the Clyde.

This is a great place to live and work and to set up a new home. 

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