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6 ways to refresh your home office

Home offices can easily start to feel cluttered and uninspiring, so perhaps it's time for a rethink. Here are some handy tips and decor ideas for refreshing your home office or study space.

1. Start by decluttering

A messy workspace is not a productive one, so start by decluttering your home office. Start by going through any paperwork on your desk. Sort through what you need hard copies of, and recycle, digitise or file away anything else.

It's also a good time to tackle stationery and drawers that might have gotten cluttered. Throw away what you no longer need, and give each section a thorough clean as you go. Everything will be easier to find, and much more streamlined.

While you're doing this, how about doing a digital declutter too? Tidy up your computer desktop, organise your email inbox and delete old files. It's not a fun job, but is a great way to clear your head.

2. Add storage

The next step is organising your home office belongings into storage that works for you. Satisfying home office storage is currently a huge trend on Tiktok and Instagram, meaning there's no shortage of aesthetic storage out there at the moment. Clear drawer dividers, sleek desktop organisers and cable tidies are widely available and add a polished professional look.

If your home office space has minimal drawers and shelves, there are plenty of ways you can add your own. Filing cabinets don't have to be big bulky grey boxes - there are so many slimline, colourful styles to choose from. Depending on your style, you could also go for rattan boxes to fit under your desk, or add some attractive shelves.

Go all the way: If you're looking for a home where you can have a dedicated space for your working area, a Persimmon home could offer exactly what you need. With our Finishing Touches range you can opt for a bespoke, fully fitted home office, giving you fantastic storage and a high-end finish.

3. Go for a colour change

Nothing updates a space like a change of colour, and a new colour scheme is a great idea for a home office refresh. When choosing a new paint colour, think about your personal style as well as what would work best in the space. If you prefer pale, muted colours, pair shades of white with sage green, soft greys or light wood tones for a calm atmosphere and to make the space feel airy.

A splash of dark colour such as an olive green or navy blue can also look great in a home office. If you don't want to paint a whole room or wall, consider painting just a stripe or archway to section off the space.

Alternatively, vibrant colours can really energise a space - just what you need for creativity and productivity. Pink is a fantastic choice, as is yellow, which is thought to improve information retention.

4. Comfort is key

As well as thinking about décor ideas, comfort should also be a huge factor in refreshing your home office. Headaches, back ache, tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome are all risks of a poorly set up work station. Many of these issues stem from having the wrong chair, so it's a good idea to invest in a proper ergonomic chair - the prices might be steep, but it will pay dividends.

Standing desks are also becoming hugely popular, and for good reason. Now quite widely available, a standing desk can improve your posture and wrist position, reduce back strain, and boost circulation. If you're also looking to stay active while you're working, you could consider a desk treadmill. These are also gaining popularity and are a great way to improve fitness and boost your mood while you work.

Finally, make sure your space has good lighting. Natural light is ideal, but if there's not a good source close to your desk then a mixture of ceiling, wall and task lighting is important.

5. Add accessories

Possibly the most fun part of choosing your home office décor is picking accessories! This is how you can really tailor the space to suit you and your working style, while adding a dose or personality.

Depending on what's already on your desk, it might be a case of making simple tweaks to refresh the look. For example, if you have photos with sentimental value, you could put these in matching frames to look more cohesive. Any knick-knacks you have out can be displayed and kept our of the way on a wall-mounted shelf.

If you're looking to add new accessories, framed prints are a great option - hang them on the wall or place on shelves to avoid cluttering your space. There's also an endless array of cool home office gadgets to browse online, from cup warmers to keyboard cleaning kits.

6. Let nature in

Having houseplants in your workspace has many proven benefits, including boosting happiness, reducing stress and increasing creativity (green is conducive to creative thinking).

If you're working in a small space and have limited decor options, plants are an easy way to create a theme and add a pop of colour. Mix and match pots in your favourite styles, from classic terracotta earthenware to modern monochrome styles. And if you're unsure of which plants might work best in your work space, check out our handy guide here.

Make sure the plants will have enough light and space – staring at a dead plant will do nothing for your motivation!

With these tips and home office ideas, you should be able to refresh your work from home space in no time.


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