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Spa Bathroom Ideas: Create a Relaxing Shower Routine

Want to bring some calm into your life? Take a look at our ideas to transform your bathroom into a luxurious space, for a dreamy and spa-like shower routine.

With all the stress and chaos that life can bring, it’s important to build moments of calm and self-care into each day. Our bathrooms are the place we start and end each day, from freshening up in the morning to winding down with an evening bathroom routine. This means our bathrooms are also the perfect place to consider a sanctuary, an oasis where you can unwind and take some time for yourself.

Creating a shower or bath routine that promotes calm and relaxation starts with the setting. Our bathroom interior design tips will help you create a spa-like space, regardless of whether you have a small bathroom or you’re looking for some bathroom ideas on a budget.

Keep it minimal

Top of the list for our relaxing bathroom ideas is to keep décor minimal. Spa bathrooms are typically simple and unfussy, with a distinct absence of clutter. If you want a space that feels serene, stick to a palette of no more than a few colours, and consider choosing tiles without a bold colour or pattern. Sleek storage cabinets will keep belongings hidden away, and you can streamline accessories to include just a couple of statement décor pieces.

Colour coordinated containers

Brightly coloured, branded toiletry containers can look clashing, disturbing the calm look you’re trying to achieve. An easy way to remedy this is buying reusable glass soap, shower gel and shampoo dispensers, available at most large homeware stores and fairly affordable. Decant products into matching glass containers for a hotel bathroom feel and add waterproof labels so you can keep track of which is which.

Try a monochrome colour scheme

Another simple tip for creating a luxurious, spa style bathroom is to keep colours to a minimum. If you’re a lover of neutrals and clean colour palettes, a monochrome bathroom could be right up your street. Setting a gleaming white bathroom suite against dark grey tiles with black accents, or even going for a crisp all-white scheme, can look contemporary and luxurious.

Add simple shelving

When designing your spa inspired bathroom, aim to keep surfaces as free from clutter as possible. For some subtle styling however, and to keep your most reached for items close by, some simple open shelving can go along way. A minimalist shelf or two displaying houseplants, reed diffusers, a tasteful print and some rolled-up hand towels can be both practical and add to the overall look of the room.

Use relaxing scents in your space

Place an elegant reed diffuser or signature candle in a corner of the bathroom, for a beautifully scented bath or shower routine. Lavender, neroli and woody pine are all calming scents that work well to create a feeling of total relaxation in a bathroom. For a fresh aroma with medicinal qualities, try eucalyptus. Hang fresh eucalyptus in your shower so the steam from the hot water can help release the plant’s essential oils, which have benefits for our sinuses and stress levels.

Natural materials

Bringing natural elements into your bathroom decor is a great way to enhance the feeling of serenity and feeling grounded. You could incorporate materials from nature such as wood, with accessories including bath trays, soap dishes and storage containers. Natural stone is also having a big moment – textural and timeless, it can add a real sense of understated luxury.

Luxurious bathroom fittings

A beautiful bathroom is created not only through well-thought-out decorating, but also in the furniture and finishes that make up the room. When you buy a new Persimmon home, you have the option to choose from our Finishing Touches bathroom upgrades. These include stunning tile options, contemporary towel radiators, and sleek mixer shower heads. All designed to help give you the perfect relaxing shower routine.

Stylish towel storage

What’s a key element that distinguishes a truly luxurious and spa-like bathroom? Towels. High quality, fluffy towels are well worth the investment as part of your daily self-care routine. Rather than having to sift through cupboards for towels, keep them close to hand for guests in a neatly folded stack, or rolled up and displayed in a stylish storage basket.

Bring plants indoors

As with any room in the house, plants can bring so many benefits. Including some leafy houseplants in your bathroom not only adds a pop or colour and texture to your décor scheme, but also provides that natural element that really elevates a space. House plants are known to reduce stress, and some also have air purifying properties. Boston ferns, spider plants and bird’s nest ferns all thrive in the humidity of a frequently used bathroom.

All of these elements come together to create a peaceful, classic spa inspired bathroom. But bear in mind that what’s relaxing for one person may be completely different for another – there are no rules!

If bubblegum pink tiles help you find a sense of calm in the chaos, go for it. Likewise, if you enjoy having all your products out on display to aid your shower routine, then do what works best for you. Relaxing bathroom décor is totally subjective – the most important thing is that you create a space that feels calming and in-tune with you. 




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