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12 Kitchen Storage Ideas for Your Home

From under sink storage to keeping your shelves tidy, these kitchen organisation ideas are easy ways to keep your space tidy and uncluttered.

The kitchen is the heart of the home, but it can easily become the messiest room in the house. Cooking up a feast can create a stack of pots and pans. Lunchboxes, Tupperware and containers can pile up. What starts off as a beautifully arranged drawer can quickly become a jumble to sort through.

That’s where our tips come in. These simple and budget-friendly kitchen storage ideas will help get all your kitchen items in order – and keep them that way – no matter how small the space. Let’s jump in!

1. Wall-mounted spice rack

Instead of storing your herbs and spices in a cupboard, where they can easily get pushed to the back and forgotten about, try a wall-mounted spice rack. All your seasonings will be clearly visible and easy to reach, and you won’t lose any precious cupboard space!

2. Magnetic knife strips

On the topic of wall-mounted storage, how about magnetic strips for your metal utensils. You’ll never have to hunt through drawers for scissors and knives again, as they’ll all be within easy reach exactly where you need them.

3. Shelf inserts

If you’re stacking cans and mugs inside cupboards, or ending up with empty space at the top, shelf inserts might come in handy. Shelf inserts are an easy way to add an extra level of storage inside your cupboard, to really make the most of all the space available.

4. Basket storage

Every kitchen has those difficult-to-store items. Random condiments, baking accessories, utensils that don’t quite fit into drawers. For these things, invest in some sturdy baskets made from sustainable materials. You can store all your extras, and it makes for some attractive kitchen décor too.

5. Cupboard door storage

Already used up your cupboard space? A great solution you might not have thought of, is using the inside of the cupboard door as storage. This can work particularly well for under sink storage. Add small shelves or containers mounted on the inside of your cupboard door to store sponges, cloths and cleaning products.

6. Label jars and containers

Cupboards getting filled up with half-used packets of food and ingredients? Decanting dry ingredients such as sugar, flour, pasta, cereal and grains into clear labelled jars is a great way to see exactly how much of everything you have, and when you’ll need to top up. It also makes for an attractive display, so works well for open shelving!

7. Kitchen pot racks

Instead of piling up a tower of pots and pans inside your cupboard, invest in a pot rack to keep them neat and tidy. You won’t have to go through the hassle of taking everything out and knocking things over before eventually finding the pan you want. Instead, you can just reach in and voila, pick out the pan you need.

8. Drawer dividers

Cutlery drawer dividers are commonplace, but have you thought about using drawer dividers to organise other kitchen equipment? Utensils, electrical goods and tupperware can all be sorted neatly into sections using adjustable drawer dividers. They’ll fit your drawers perfectly and provide just the right sized compartments.

9. Hook storage

Clever kitchen storage doesn’t have to be limited to cupboards and countertops. Wall-mounted hooks or peg boards can make for great storage and display some of your more aesthetically pleasing items. Canvas bags, chopping boards, pretty mugs and your favourite pans can all be stored effectively and attractively on wooden hooks.

10. Pull down shelves

Do you find that items left on the top cupboard shelf right at the back can often be forgotten about? The harder something is to reach, the less likely we are to use it, and it can end up as unnecessary clutter. Installing a pull down shelf is a great way to have easy access to all your kitchen goods no matter how high up they are.

11. Fridge storage

It’s easy to let your fridge become cluttered. When it gets unorganised, you can lose track of which food is in date and end up throwing out food. A great way to reduce your food waste and keep your fridge clean and tidy, is with clear fridge storage containers. With these you can separate your food out, keep it fresh and see exactly what you have.


12. Keep an inventory

Once you’ve organised your kitchen, staying on top of things and keeping it organised is a whole other task! Make this easier by keeping an inventory of your kitchen items. It’s easy to overbuy cleaning products and non-perishable items – or to run out of them sooner than you think. By keeping track of what’s in your kitchen, it should be easier to keep your organised system working perfectly.

With these handy tips you should be well-equipped for transforming your kitchen into a haven of organisation. All that’s left to do is enjoy it!

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