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Living Room Storage Ideas: 12 Ways to Maximise Your Space

Create a calm and clutter-free lounge that’s still full of personality, with these practical living room storage ideas.

They’re places to relax and get comfortable after a long day, but living rooms are also one of the most multi-functional rooms in our homes. A cosy space for movie night, a place to have a cuppa with friends, a playroom, home office – it all happens in our living rooms. No wonder our living rooms can go from being stylish reception rooms to cluttered chaos in the blink of an eye.

Having our living rooms as multi-purpose spaces can often make them feel smaller than they are. But even the most compact living rooms can be given a new lease of life with the right storage. Clever storage solutions can help your living room work for everything you need it to, whilst sticking to your personal style.

Read on for some living room inspiration in the form of our top storage tips.

1. Blend in storage

If you prefer a minimalist living room style, there are clever design tricks to conceal your storage. Matching wall-mounted storage to the wall colour behind it means your eye will skim over it. To make this even more effective, you could create a feature wall with wallpaper or wooden panelling like in this example, and cover the storage to match.

2. Mix open and closed storage

Another way to create the illusion of a minimalist living space while still storing your belongings, is to go for a mix of open and closed storage. The open shelving sections will draw attention, so be selective with what you display, giving a carefully curated and clutter-free look. Then in the closed storage, you can hide away the more practical, less aesthetic items out of sight.

3. Floating shelves

Floating shelves are a great option if you have a small living room, or if you’re just short on floor space. Sleek and streamlined, they provide surface storage without disturbing the flow of a room. Hang them high so they’re above eyeline when you’re seated, to keep the visual noise to a minimum. This way, even a small space can benefit from attractive, practical storage.

4. Coffee table storage

Coffee tables with built in storage are a fantastic way to keep your living room tidy whilst enhancing your style. Boho coffee tables with rattan-fronted drawers keep the TV remote and random bits and bobs out of sight in a stylish way. If you have children, a large vintage suitcase or wooden chest used as a coffee table can provide perfect toy storage.

5. Glass-fronted storage

If you prefer more maximalist living room décor, you might have plenty of beautiful pieces that you want to show off, without making your room look cluttered. Glass-fronted storage cabinets can be great for this. Your favourite décor items and books can still be seen but kept tidy and in one place. Brands like IKEA have numerous options, but it can be more fun to upcycle a second-hand gem.

6. Basket storage

Who doesn’t love a storage basket? Attractive, timeless and available in so many places, they make for excellent living room storage. To avoid a cluttered look, go for one or two large baskets instead of a few smaller ones. You could keep a blanket basket next to the sofa for cosy evenings, or tuck toy baskets under a simple coffee table to keep them out of the way.

7. Hidden storage

If you’re looking to invest in some new or second-hand living room furniture, keep an eye out for anything with hidden storage. From on-trend coffee tables that double up as storage boxes, to classic ottomans with concealed storage compartments, there are plenty of options out there. You can hide away blankets, bedlinen or even clothes, and gusts will be none the wiser.

8. Work from home space

With many of us now working from home, our living rooms often double up as a home office. To keep your work life from spilling into your relaxing space, there are some clever storage options you could use. A floor to ceiling shelving unit with a built-in desk will display home accessories, and also serve as a place to work in style.

9. Picture ledges

If you’re in need of some living room storage but don’t have space to add furniture, consider a picture ledge. Slim and unobtrusive, a picture shelf is a great option to display not only pictures, but plants, ornaments, even your favourite books. Paint the ledge the same colour as the wall to blend in, or you could incorporate it into a section of wall panelling.

10. Bench seating

Bench seating has grown in popularity recently, as a country-chic and tidy option for dining room furniture. That said, it can also work well in living rooms. A slim bench, either free standing or wall-mounted, can provide stylish extra seating for guests and also work as a storage surface for plants, cushions and other items. A pale pine bench will give a cool Scandi feel, or you could opt for a rustic, handmade bench for a farmhouse feel.

11. Keep surfaces clear

Another illusion to create a sense of a minimalist living room, is to keep furniture surfaces relatively clear. A chunky chest of drawers or living room cabinet will provide plenty of great storage, so balance it out by keeping accessories on the surfaces to a minimum. A lamp, candle and leafy plant will do. And, where possible, wall mount the TV and any pictures to sit above the storage furniture, rather than on it.

12. Multipurpose furniture

Finally, a way to maximise space and get the most out of all your home furnishings, is to see if you have any items sitting around in cupboards that you could repurpose as storage solutions. Perhaps a fold out tray table could act as a living room side table, or a spare wooden stool could be used as a plant pot stand. This way you’ll save cupboard space and create some much-needed living room storage!

We hope that these ideas have provided some interior design inspiration for adding storage to your living room. Whatever you choose to do, make sure it works for you and your individual style – the most important thing is that your home stays personal to you!


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