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Outside your home

Keeping your drains, gutters and outside taps well cared for is key to maintaining a headache-free property. Here are our handy hints for caring for the outside of your new home.

Drainage access

Planning your perfect garden is one of the most exciting things about owning your own home. It’s essential however when flexing your green fingers that you don’t cover up any manhole covers or inspection chambers, as these need to be fully accessible to workmen in the unlikely event of a blocked drain or leak.


Your home may be provided with a renewable energy generating system such as PV or solar panels. Please familiarize yourself with the manufacturer’s guidance and ensure any maintenance schedule is adhered to. Regular maintenance will ensure that the system works at its peak performance so you reap the most benefit.

The systems provided are often regularly updated by the manufacturers, so please check on moving in if a schedule service is required with your specific system to ensure warranty continuity.


We know it’s not the most glamorous job, but your gutters should be cleaned out at least once a year to remove leaves and debris. If you spot any wet patches on the wall below a gutter or downpipe it’s usually a sign there’s a blockage that needs clearing.

Outside taps

If you’ve got an outside tap fitted, it’s your responsibility to isolate it internally before winter to prevent it freezing during the cold weather. Forgetting to do so could lead to potentially serious leaks occurring. You can also pick up outside tap covers from most DIY stores.

Storm damage

During especially high winds or heavy snowfalls, your new home may suffer a little damage such as roof tiles and guttering becoming loose, or the odd fence panel blowing over. The cost of such repairs will usually be covered under your household insurance policy, so always make sure to have your paperwork handy.

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