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Caring for your loft space and garage

Your new home deserves to be cared for from top to bottom – that includes the loft space and garage, if you have one. Read on for our advice.

Loft spaces

We’re all a little guilty of using lofts to keep unwanted stuff hidden out of sight, or as a second home for the Christmas decorations 11 months of the year. However, modern lofts simply aren’t designed to be used as a storage space and placing bulky items up there could compromise the effectiveness of your insulation and ventilation.

There’s also the fact that loft spaces are naturally prone to condensation in the first few years, so anything you do hide away could become damaged. This is why we recommend keeping use of the loft to a minimum and avoid keeping the hatch open for long periods.

Moisture issues can be caused by boarding out the loft area in your home. To avoid issues in the future, we advise you don’t board the loft space out for use.

Finally, it nearly goes without saying, but please don’t ever cut or remove any of the roof timbers as they’re essential for supporting the roof.

While undoubtedly useful spaces, it’s important not to overly rely on your loft or garage for storage.


While your new Persimmon home has been built to withstand everything Mother Nature can throw at it, in the event of prolonged severe weather your garage may occasionally let in water through the brickwork. As a result, we recommend avoiding storing items on your garage floor or directly against the walls.

It’s also important to regularly maintain the runners of your garage doors with a 3-in-1 oil or silicon spray oil to prevent wear and help keep them running smoothly (avoid using WD40 though).

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