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Caring for your windows and doors

After moving into your new home, you’ll want to keep it looking as fresh and new as the day you moved in. Here’s some handy advice for maintaining your doors and windows.


It’s fair to say doors and windows play a key role in any home, from letting in natural light to keeping out annoying draughts that send energy bills spiralling. It’s why it pays to look after them.

Internal and fire doors

While you’ll find your new home fitted with striking flooring, we understand there’s always the temptation to shake things up over time. You may find, however, if switching from tiles to carpet that your doors will need to be trimmed as a result, which is something you’ll need to arrange yourself.

If you live in a three-storey property or an apartment, you’ll also have spotted by now that fire doors have been installed as standard. These heavier doors help slow the spread of fire and remain closed for your own safety.

These doors should not be trimmed beyond manufacturers’ guidance. They’ll also need maintenance to ensure the automatic closing function works properly.


Like all the fixtures in your new home, your windows will always appreciate a little TLC now and then. If you’ve got UPVC windows fitted, you’ll need to maintain the runners, handles and locking mechanisms as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

Got timber windows fitted? These will have been treated with a super smart paint system that allows the timber to breathe for the first four years. If, however, your timber is exposed to strong sunlight, we advise you look for signs of minor cracking and peeling every few months and repaint or touch-up as necessary.

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