Persimmon Homes


From creating the perfect family space to staying on top of seasonal trends, here are some ways to tailor your beautiful Persimmon Home to fit your lifestyle and personality.

11 April 2023

Adding character to a new build home

Looking to add character and rustic style in your new build home? Persimmon homeowner Karen (@_stoneleigh) has created a stunning characterful style in her new home, and shares her tips for how you can too.

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23 March 2023

Get to know our schemes

We know that every one of our buyers is different, from first time buyers to those seeking more space for a family, and from those with smaller to deposits to those with homes to sell. Here’s a guide to finding out which of our buying schemes could be right for you.

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08 March 2023

8 great eco-friendly gardening tips

Want to keep your garden looking beautiful while being conscious of sustainability and the environment? For Compost Week UK we've put together some tips to get you started.

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01 March 2023

Customising your new home

One of the great benefits of buying new is that you can fully customise your Persimmon home using our Finishing Touches range. Here’s some style inspiration for making your home feel like you.

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