Persimmon Homes


From creating the perfect family space to staying on top of seasonal trends, here are some ways to tailor your beautiful Persimmon Home to fit your lifestyle and personality.

17 November 2022

A chat with Customer Care

We sit down with Natalie Mills, Group Customer Care Director at Persimmon, to discuss all things new homes – and why buying a new home with Persimmon also buys you peace of mind for a decade.

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01 November 2022

It's all about upcycling

A new home doesn’t have to mean new belongings - blogger and Persimmon homeowner Joanne Derrick shares how she incorporates pre-loved possessions into her interior style.

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03 October 2022

Dopamine décor

We take a look at the mood-boosting trend that’s turning homes technicolour, and share some tips on how you can give your space the feel-good treatment.

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20 August 2022

Back to school tips

With the long sun and fun-filled summer holidays coming to an end, it’s time to start getting ready for school. Here’s how your home can help you prepare for the new term.

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01 March 2022

How to tackle your spring clean

The skies are lightening, the days are getting longer, shoots are emerging and it’s time to tackle those household chores you’ve been putting off all winter. Here are some tips for this year’s spring clean.

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