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On the coast of Scotland lies Saltcoats, a picturesque seaside town that provides its residents with that magical beach life that many people crave. But there’s more to this small town than its beaches. It’s steeped in a long maritime history, a hard-working community spirit and amenities similar to those of a modern city. Sink your toes into sandy beaches and warm up from the cold with a chippy in your new home.

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Saltcoats earned its unusual name from its salt panning industry roots, immediately indicating its rich sea-faring history. Along with Ardrossan and Stevenston, it’s one of the three towns that make up the ‘Three Towns’, a resort that sits along a sheltered bay. Saltcoats is well-connected to wider Scotland, has a strong retail scene in the town centre and plenty of mouthwatering pubs and restaurants. Immerse yourself into this quaint seaside town with a Persimmon new build.

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Living in Saltcoats

History and culture

We’ve already explained the origins of Saltcoats’ fun name, but that’s not the only history it has under its belt. There are a number of museums and galleries dotted throughout to commemorate its maritime history. Catch a ferry from the 17th-century harbour or visit the North Ayrshire Heritage Centre to see centuries-old treasures under one roof.

The town’s rich heritage means a strong community spirit. Its residents are proud of their hard-working history and work hard to make Saltcoats a fantastic place to live. If you buy a home in this town, its community is ready to welcome you with open arms.

Seaside living

It’s no secret that living along the coast is beneficial for your overall wellbeing. Feel reinvigorated, enjoy a good night’s sleep and experience a peaceful life when living in Saltcoats. It has a wide beach that you’ll love to sink your toes into. The waters are shallow enough for paddling and swimming, perfect for a day trip with all the family.

It’s overlooked by the remains of Ardrossan Castle and is lined by cosy brick houses, with popular pub The Salt Cot nearby, too. This means that, when you choose a home here, you can spend your weekends soaking up the Scottish sun before ending the day sipping on a pint with other townsfolk.

New build houses in Saltcoats

Everyone has dreamed of living by the sea at least once in their life - why not make that dream a reality with Persimmon? We have a range of new build homes available in Saltcoats and wider Ayrshire, all cosy enough to welcome you home after a long day at the beach. Explore our houses above or speak to our team today.