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Looking for an energy-efficient new home in Renfrewshire?

Renfrewshire puts on a great double act. It has Scotland’s largest city on one side and Scotland’s largest Regional Park on the other. A new home here will enjoy the benefits of both.

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Living in Renfrewshire

Living in Renfrewshire

Paisley is at the heart of the action in the east of the county. It dovetails into Greater Glasgow, shares its industrial heritage, and gives a focal point to a county that borders the Firth of Clyde and supports Scotland’s busiest transport infrastructure. It’s all go, but the satellite towns and communities here have had time to create their own character and heart, and they all play a key role. Renfrewshire works hard and plays hard too, and the great outdoors is there for the taking.  The western border of the county takes a detour into the Clyde Muirshiel Regional Park via Castle Semple Loch and Barr Loch. South of Paisley, you can head into the Glennifer Braies Country Park for your escape to the countryside.

Ongoing investment in the transport network through Renfrewshire is keeping the area well connected and on the move. The county’s great asset is Glasgow International Airport, Scotland’s second largest airport.