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As Yorkshire’s only waterfront city with a number of achievements to shout about, Hull is a vibrant city in which anyone would be excited to buy a home. Known for its cultural attractions, maritime history and surrounding landscapes, this is a city that’s ready to welcome you with open arms.

Persimmon offer new housing developments in Hull and wider Yorkshire, giving homebuyers their dream home in a location where they can truly make their mark.

New builds in Hull

Hull is known for its rich history and forward thinking, providing its residents with plenty of opportunities to make the most of.

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Living in Hull

The City of Culture and invention

Hull was named the City of Culture by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport in 2017. While that accolade has changed several times over the years, as the very first city to hold this title, Hull is still leading the charge when it comes to the UK’s cultural achievements.

This city has witnessed some of the country’s greatest minds and movements. William Wilberforce was a leader in the abolishment of the slave trade, Amy Johnson CBE was the first female pilot to fly from England to Australia, and both of these historic names were born in Hull. Boiled sweets and Lemsip were also both invented here, and the Hull Fair is arguably the world’s oldest travelling festival.

An interesting past paves the way for an exciting future. Investments are being made to transform the city into a UK heavyweight, so that anyone buying a home here can fully explore its cultural impact.

A sea city

Yorkshire is known for its sweeping hillsides and rugged farmland, but, as its only waterfront city, Hull has breathtaking landscapes of its own. This provides more than a fun day out - as a homebuyer, you get to immerse yourself in its rich maritime history.

The city was once home to three docks, each playing a vital role in Hull’s history, and now its Old Dock is a sleepy haven for its residents. Spend a day in the colourful The Deep, one of the UK’s biggest aquariums, the Severn Seas Fish Trail or in the free Maritime Museum - where you can see a full-scale whale skeleton. These attractions are all great fun for when the family come to visit, or as a solo day trip on a lazy weekend in your local area.

New housing developments in Hull

Hull used to be overlooked by wider East Yorkshire and beyond, but it’s grown into its own cultural landmark that also sits on the sea. This is an exciting city that its residents love to call home - so why not find a home here, too? Explore Persimmon’s range of new builds above or speak to our team for more information.