Eco-friendly homes: Building for the future and living sustainably

Is sustainable living what you're looking for? Find out more about the eco-conscious choices we’re making as a housebuilder, and the choices you can make to reduce your impact on the environment at home.

A better way of living 

We're all more aware than ever about the importance of reducing our impact on the environment, and making eco-friendly choices in every day life. When you buy a new Persimmon home, you're choosing a more energy-efficient option rather than a traditional house, thanks to the way we construct our developments and the features we include in your home. Once you're in, there are so many simple ways you can embrace a more sustainable lifestyle. Household items, the food we consume and the way we use outdoor space all play a big part. Read on to find out more...

How are we striving for sustainability as a business?

  • All of our homes are built to high levels of energy efficiency, with efficient thermal insulation, argon-filled double glazed windows, A-rated heating systems and energy-efficient appliances to minimise energy usage. This means that our homes carry an EPC rating of B or above.
  • We’re working towards having net-zero carbon homes in use by 2030, and net-zero building operations by 2040. As part of this mission we’ve started introducing new technologies including solar PV, air source heat pumps and MVHR (mechanical ventilation, heat recovery).
  • From June 2023 all of our homes will comply with new Part L building regulations, which will reduce carbon emissions of new homes.
  • We are also committed to supporting the environment on our sites. Many of our developments include green spaces, habitats, footpaths, cycle paths and allotments. They are also within walking distance of local amenities where possible, or close to public transport links.
  • We are evaluating our waste streams to identify opportunities to reduce generated waste from our activities including plastic

How can you help at home?

Melissa Arthur, Group Biodiversity Manager for Persimmon, is passionate about protecting our environment and has outlined some of the ways we can all embrace sustainability in our homes, especially by reducing the amount of plastic we use. 

Plastic pollution can have lasting effects on biodiversity in our seas, rivers and on land by disrupting species’ feeding and breeding cycles. Animals can often mistake plastic debris for food leading to digestive issues and starvation. Plastic bags can often smother plants making it difficult for them to access sunlight, oxygen and essential nutrients and effecting the animals that rely on them. Plastic pollution has become a worldwide environmental challenge, but there are lots of simple ways to reduce plastic use at home.

  1. Grow your own: Whether it’s a garden or an allotment, you only need a small space to grow fruit or vegetables. By growing your own, you can reduce plastic packaging.
  2. Sustainable alternatives: Use re-useable, long lasting cups, straws and food containers for your morning commute, packed lunch or scrummy left overs. Some coffee shops offer a discount if you use your own cup!
  3. Refillable water bottles: When out and about, take a re-useable water container with you and refill at drinking water taps or dedicated refill station.
  4. Try and buy non-plastic packaged or refillable household products and toiletries.
  5. Ditch the plastic bag: A single plastic bag can take hundreds of years to decompose. Make the switch to re-useable bags, keep them in your car or with your everyday bags so you don’t forget to use them! There are a wide range of fashionable re-useable bags that will last a lifetime.
  6. Natural plants to boost your senses: Boost your senses with smells, colour, the buzzing of busy pollinators and enjoy a relaxing garden space filled with natural, native plants.
  7. Recycled nest boxes: Provide a home for wildlife in your garden space. There is a great selection of nest boxes available for birds and bat made from recycled plastic.

Whatever you can do big or small will make a difference in reducing plastic waste and help our environment thrive for years to come.

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