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Supporting sustainable communities is a key priority for the business which is complemented by our ‘transforming communities’ sustainability pillar. Transforming our communities is at the very heart of what we aim to deliver – we are pleased to provide high quality homes for local people and support communities through providing local jobs and supporting local good causes.

This core sustainability pillar links our approach to:

  • our customers; 
  • the quality of the homes we provide; and 
  • our communities.

We are determined to leave a positive legacy for the communities we develop and support the communities that we operate within.

We continue to make positive strides on both the quality of the homes that we deliver, through the implementation of The Persimmon Way and are proud to provide attractively priced and energy efficient homes for our customers.

Our Placemaking Framework guides each of our developments ensuring that we design attractive communities providing infrastructure and housing that meet local needs.


We are committed to demonstrating Biodiversity Net Gain (‘BNG’) across our developments. Complementing our sustainability pillars, biodiversity plays an integral role in our sustainability strategy.

The appointment of a dedicated Group Biodiversity Manager in 2022, as part of our Sustainability team, demonstrates our commitment and brings in-house expertise to support our teams, strengthening our habitat designs and contributing to our sustainability targets.

We continue to be proactive to ensure compliance with biodiversity net gain, supporting teams through continuation of comprehensive

BNG training, issuing an internal guidance series and promoting inter-disciplinary collaboration, well in advance of the mandatory timeframe.

We are part way through reviewing our land assets, identifying areas to improve biodiversity and developing Group landscape design guides further embedding BNG into our design processes. We run sustainability and biodiversity award schemes for our teams which recognises and promotes well-designed schemes, in line with our placemaking and sustainability principles. We will be engaging more with our customers, promoting connectivity with nature and developing guides on wildlife friendly gardening and positively promoting the importance of biodiversity.




We will positively transform communities directly connected to Persimmon’s activities.

It’s important that we make a positive impact when building new homes, meeting stakeholder expectations and engaging local residents. We must aim to select the right projects where we can create true social value. We must also provide excellent service to our customers. Doing so builds positive recognition and customer loyalty


SDG alignment

SDG11- Sustainable cities and communitiesSDG15 - Life on Land

Material issue Target How we will achieve it Progress Update and next steps
Customer satisfaction Achieve HBF five-star rating on the eight-week customer survey scores year-on-year. Investment in customer services initiatives and procedures to ensure continuous improvement in performance. On-going • Customer satisfaction score of 92%. Achieved a five-star rating.

• 2022 focus on maintaining and extending to nine months customer satisfaction scores, and build quality scores.
In 2021, reduce NHBC Reportable Items by 20%. Implemented and monitored through Group
Construction policies and procedures.
Off track Reduced by 17% in 2021, from 2020 baseline.
Target for 2022 of 18%, from 2021 lower baseline.
Social value From 2022, be proactive to ensure compliance with 10% Biodiversity Net Gain (expected during 2023). Proactive management ahead of legislation to ensure our sites transition as soon as possible. On track • Comprehensive training of design, planning and land teams on BNG requirements and our approach has been delivered.

• Appointment of Group Biodiversity Manager underway
From 2021, aim to review all non-developed land to identify opportunities to improve biodiversity. This will include identifying a portfolio of sites for biodiversity enhancements. On-going BNG prioritisation ranking of sites to commence in 2022.
We will create an internal Persimmon framework for developments to include wellbeing and social value. Framework for internal purposes to be introduced to incorporate best practice guidance. On-going Internal Placemaking Framework designed, aligned to National Model Design Code, with roll out commencing in 2022.

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