Our Sustainability Governance Framework

The Group’s Sustainability Committee is responsible for developing and overseeing our sustainability strategy, policies and objectives.

Reporting directly to the Board, the Sustainability Committee is chaired by the Group Chief Executive and includes the Group Strategy and Regulatory Director, the Company Secretary and Group Sustainability Director.

The Committee meets on a bi-monthly basis and colleagues from across the Group are invited to meetings to discuss and present on specific issues.

The Committee fulfils an important governance role by setting the Group’s sustainability approach, and setting challenging targets, the Committee oversees the Group’s climate change strategy and reports its findings and recommendations to the Board.

The Group has identified three sustainability pillars with separate workstreams to drive our sustainability agenda. Each workstream is led by relevant senior operational management and is attended by the Group Sustainability Director.


Board of Directors


Sustainability Committee
Frequency of meetings: bi-monthly


Building for tomorrow Transforming Communities Safe and inclusive
Zero Carbon Homes Steering Group Supply Chain Emission Steering Group Operational Emission Steering Group Customer and Communities Steering Group Social Value Steering Group Health and Safety Steering Group People Steering Group Persimmon Way Steering Group
Material issues:

Climate change action and resilience

Helping customers to live sustainably

Climate change action and resilience

Climate change action and resilience

Social value and enhancing communities

Customer satisfaction

Social value and enhancing communities

Health and safety

Talent attraction, diversity, development and engagement

Build quality and safety

Materiality matrix

Focusing on what matters most

Materiality Matrix

Engaging with Stakeholders

Committed to maintaining positive relationships

Engaging with Stakeholders


Addressing global challenges in a meaningful way that is relevant and aligned to our business strategy.

UN Sustainable Development Goals