Our Sustaianbility Governance Framework

The Sustainability Committee is responsible to the Board for the oversight of Sustainability policies and objectives.

Eight steering groups feed into the Sustainability Committee, these steering groups are responsible for measuring progress against key targets and activity on relevant material issues as well as addressing related risks or challenges and ensuring sustainable processes are embedded into operations.


Board of Directors

Information Technology / Cyber Security Steering Group
Sustainable Committee
Frequency of meetings: bi-monthly
Building for tomorrow Transforming Communities Safe and inclusive
Zero Carbon Homes Steering Group Supply Chain Emission Steering Group Operational Emission Steering Group Customer and Communities Steering Group Social Value Steering Group Health and Safety Steering Group People Steering Group Persimmon Way Steering Group
Material isses:

Number 1 Climate change action and resilience

7Helping customers to live sustainably

Number 1 Climate change action and resilience

Number 1 Climate change action and resilience

8 Social value and enhancing communities

4 Customer satisfaction

8Social value and enhancing communities

5 Health and safety

9. Talent attraction, diversity, development and engagement

3. Build quality and safety

Materiality matrix

Focusing on what matters most

Materiality Matrix

Engaging with Stakeholders

Committed to maintaining positive relationships

Engaging with Stakeholders


Addressing global challenges in a meaningful way that is relevant and aligned to our business strategy.

UN Sustainable Development Goals