Our Locations

National coverage, local presence

With headquarters in York, we operate from 29 regional offices throughout the UK.

You can find contact details for all of our offices on our customer care page.

Customer Care & Regional Offices

  Northern offices   Southern offices   Off-site manufacturing

Northern offices

1. North Scotland
2. West Scotland
3. East Scotland
4. North East
5. Durham
6. Teesside
7. Lancashire
8. West Yorkshire
9. Yorkshire and Group Head Office
10. North West
11. Nottingham
12. North Midlands
13. West Midlands
14. East Midlands
15. Anglia

Southern offices

16. Central
17. South Midlands
18. Midlands
19. Essex
20. Suffolk
21. West Wales
22. East Wales
23. Severn Valley
24. Wessex
25. Thames Valley
26. South East
27. South Coast
28. South West
29. Cornwall and West Devon

Off-site manufacturing

30. Space4
31. Brickworks
32. Tileworks


Persimmon - national coverage, local presence map

Our History

Persimmon was founded in 1972 and is today one of the UK’s leading housebuilders.

Our History

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors set the Group’s purpose, define the Group’s values, set the strategy and monitors and assesses the Group’s culture.

Board of Directors

Customer Care

Contact our Customer Care Team and Persimmon Regional Offices.

Customer Care