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Land Requirements

Bringing land to life

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We are one of the leading UK housebuilders with 29 operating businesses covering all regions. We acquire land to create high quality, well designed, sustainable places that will meet the aspirations of landowners, customers and communities.

The success of any development requires a careful balance to be established to ensure quality, viability and deliverability whilst ensuring the necessary financial incentive for landowners to sell. We believe that a collaborative approach is needed to achieve this that can draw upon all the expertise within the wider Group and apply this locally to any given scheme to achieve the optimal outcome for all.

Why work with Persimmon?

Our teams bring a wealth of specialist experience, willingness and drive, delivering high quality homes and places that provide value for all stakeholders. Land acquisition activity is undertaken within each of the Group’s regional companies allowing us to benefit from local expertise and knowledge. This is supported by a dedicated Group Team of senior Directors to ensure all regional companies have the resources, shared experience and financial backing they need to pursue new acquisitions. Our processes are simple, effective and non-bureaucratic enabling quick decision making whatever the scale of site. Combining this with our financial strength and delivery record, provide the platform for a successful partnership.

  • Specialist Teams
  • Effective Management
  • Openness and Honesty
  • Contractual Flexibility
  • The Persimmon Difference

Optimising Success and Retaining Value

Achieving a successful outcome requires all of us to work in a more integrated way. Only by doing this can we effectively tackle all relevant issues in a commercially coherent manner. We will explain to you clearly all aspects that are necessary to gain a satisfactory planning permission for both parties that maximises value.

  • Short term acquistion

    Often less complex sites, either brownfield or greenfield, where planning consent is achievable in the short term.

    • We will explain the planning process that we will need to follow to enable a permission to be granted on your land.
    • We will prepare a valuation of your land which is clear and concise and provides full transparency of the costs involved.
    • We will explain the legal framework that we will follow to allow us to obtain planning permission and buy your land.
  • Strategic Acquisition

    Sites that require a more complex strategy to obtain planning consent typically requiring promotion through the Local Plan process before an application can be submitted.

    • We will explain the planning route that we will need to follow to release your land for development. We will explain the importance of the Local Plan process and the necessity to submit representations to promote your land for development.
    • We will discuss and agree with you the most appropriate type of legal agreement to ensure our objectives to maximise the value of your land are realised.
    • We will explain the land valuation process that will need to be followed once a planning permission is granted.
  • Flexible Acquisition

    The ability to engage with you in determining the optimal purchasing strategy to deliver shared objectives.

    • As one of the UK’s largest providers of new homes we know that each site needs to be treated differently. We will ensure that the legal agreement is tailored to your individual circumstances and we do not promote a “one size fits all approach”. We have a number of alternative proposals that can be discussed including options, promotion agreements and hybrid agreements.
    • Depending on individual circumstances we will buy land on the basis of an outline planning permission.
    • In any agreement that we sign we will commit to maximise the value of your land.

Our Commitment to you

  1. That whatever the size, complexity and promotional tactics required to deliver your site we are committed towards a collaborative approach to achieve shared objectives.
  2. To achieve this we will draw upon all of our experience, both local and across the wider Group, to ensure the optimal approach is taken towards delivering best value.
  3. We will demonstrate our understanding and commitment to deliver quality outcomes for all stakeholders via effective and continuous engagement.
  4. To assist in gaining a satisfactory planning permission we will demonstrate our Group commitments to wider social and societal objectives which are becoming more crucial for successful scheme promotion.