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Training our workforce

During 2020, Persimmon delivered c.12,600 training days (excluding apprenticeships and sponsored higher or further education courses) to employees and construction workforce, c.1,700 of which were delivered remotely.


Training days delivered in 2020


Of workforce participating in training

Approximately 13% of our current workforce participate in a formal training programme with c.345 apprentices learning traditional craft skills such as bricklaying and joinery, which is among the largest commitment to apprentice training in the industry.

In addition, the Group has c.70 sales trainees and c.265 colleagues training in disciplines such as accounting, quantity surveying, planning and construction.

Promoting Gender Diversity

Our gender data
(as of 31 December 2020)
2020 2019
Board Male 5 (63%) 5 (63%)
Female 3 (37%) 3 (37%)
Senior Executive Committee and direct reports Male 55 (74%) NR*
Female 19 (26%) NR*
All colleagues Male 3,768 (72%) 3,941 (75%)
Female 1,453 (28%) 1,344 (25%)
Median gender pay gap   12.7% 12.4%

* NR = Data not reported during period

We have set a number of stretching targets to improve gender diversity across the Group including, that by the end of 2025 we aim for:


of our employees to be female


of our Executive Committee and direct reports to be female


of our employees in management roles to be female

In 2021, we have recruited a dedicated Director of Talent and Diversity to help achieve these targets.

The median Gender Pay Gap in 2020 for the Group was 12.7% (2019: 12.4%), which compares favourably with the Office of National Statistics figures for 2020 of 15.5% (2019: 17.3%). Consistent with our industry our median Gender Pay Gap is driven by the composition of our workforce with a higher proportion of men in skilled construction roles (such as bricklaying and site management), the market for which is competitive.

Gender Pay Gap Reports

Persimmon is part of the Home Builders Federation’s Diversity and Inclusion Group with the aim of developing a more diverse and inclusive workforce across the industry. We are also a member of the Apprenticeship Diversity Champions Network (ADCN), part of the National Apprenticeships Service to demonstrate our open and inclusive culture in recruiting and employing young people.

We recognise that women, as well as people from a broad range of backgrounds, are under-represented across the industry as a whole and the Group is determined to do more to attract a more diverse workforce, recognising the benefits that this brings.

Grads in high vis

Human Rights

We demand the appropriate levels of conduct from all of our stakeholders, including our employees in all of our operations. We value our reputation for ethical behaviour, integrity and reliability. Embedded within our operations are our Human Rights and Anti-Bribery and Corruption policies, a code of Ethics and policies that support our Modern Slavery Statement.

View and download our policies from our Policies page

As we are a UK housebuilder and the vast majority of our subcontractors and suppliers are also UK based, we do not consider that human rights abuses, modern slavery and bribery represent a significant risk to our business. However, we have appropriate procedures in place to provide assurance that our employees and suppliers are working to the high standards we demand.

We have identified the most significant potential human rights impact areas to be; the labour and employment rights of our employees, subcontractors and those working within our supply chain; the health and safety of our workforce; and the rights of communities where we undertake our developments. As a responsible employer, we are committed to compliance with all UK labour, health and safety, planning and environmental legislation.

We continue to take our role in combatting modern slavery and human trafficking seriously, and have implemented a number of initiatives within the year to strengthen support in this area. This has included joining the Gangmaster and Labour Abuse Authority (GLAA) ‘Construction Protocol’ to access and contribute to industry good practice in combating modern slavery. Our ‘Site Manager Essentials’ course includes a programme of modern slavery training and other site based staff receive a GLAA developed ‘Toolbox Talk’ on the matter. The Group’s Internal Audit department has performed an assessment of modern slavery controls within our supply chain.

Staff are provided with details of the Group’s Anti-Bribery and Corruption policy and management reinforce the adherence to our policies and procedures. For example, during 2020, the Group developed and delivered mandatory anti-bribery and corruption training modules for senior members of staff. In addition, we have whistleblowing facilities to ensure employees and others can raise concerns confidentially. During 2020, the Group ran a campaign to remind employees of the whistleblowing facility. Any whistleblowing reports can be made anonymously and all are investigated independently by our Group Internal Audit department.





We will create a safe and inclusive culture focused on the wellbeing of our customers, communities and workforce.

Recruiting and retaining the right people means we deliver our strategic objectives and provide excellent customer service. It is a priority that our processes meet stringent standards. This significantly reduces risk and meets customer expectations for quality and value.

UN SDG alignment

UN SDG3 - Good Health and WellbeingSGD4 - Quality EducationSDG5- Gender EqualitySDG8 - Decent Work and Economic GrowthSDG10 - Reduced Inequalities

Material issue Target How we will achieve it
Build quality and safety Report on Independent Quality Controller Review metrics and target to improve our % score year-on-year. Implemented and monitored through Group Construction policies and procedures.
Report on the results of independent quality audit against The Persimmon Way with target to improve % year-on-year.
In 2021, reduce NHBC Reportable Incidents by 20%.
Health and safety Report on Annual Injury Incidence Rate and reduce the rate year-on-year. Implementation of key health and safety processes delivered and monitored through Group Health,
Safety and Environment teams
Aim to achieve third party certification/auditing to ISO 45001/18001 or similar. To be reviewed and implemented through Group Health, Safety and Environment department.
Annually report on KPIs following our site inspection regime with a target to improve year-on-year. Implementation of key health and safety processes.
High risk suppliers by trade to be encouraged to utilise Supply Chain Sustainability School’s Modern Slavery training. Engagement with supply chain and Supply Chain Sustainability School.
Talent attraction, development, diversity and engagement By the end of 2025, aim for 40% of Persimmon employees to be female.
  • Investment in diversity training and initiatives across the Group.
  • Programmes to ensure effective development of talent.
  • Development of enhanced policies and procedures to support women in the workplace.
By the end of 2025, aim for 35% of Persimmon’s Executive Committee and direct reports to be female.
By the end of 2025, aim for 45% of Persimmon employees in management roles to be female.
To become a Living Wage Foundation accredited employer.  Working with the Living Wage Foundation to ensure everyone who works on site or in our offices is paid a rate based on real life living costs.

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