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Supporting our customers

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Persimmon’s ambition is to build right, first time, every time. We will focus on our customers and consistently deliver the homes they want. The Persimmon Way is key to achieving this and we will build on the progress already made to consistently deliver high quality homes and excellent customer service.

“We must make sure we are providing our customers with the best quality home at the best possible price, delivered with outstanding service.”

Dean Finch Group
Chief Executive

Reinforcing trust

A home is one of the most significant investments our customers will make and one that has exceptional emotional importance. We recognise our responsibility to each and every one of them. We strive to consistently deliver high quality homes for all our customers and to ensure they are provided with an excellent service from the moment they start looking for their new home to their moving in day and beyond.

Supporting our customers

We are clear in our objective of becoming a truly customer-focused business. We have maintained our focus on improving build quality and customer service through:

  • implementing ‘the Persimmon Way’, a Group wide consolidated approach to new home construction;
  • rolling out enhanced quality assurance processes;
  • improving communication with our customers at all stages of the home buying process;
  • providing comprehensive training programmes to relevant colleagues which support the implementation of the Persimmon Way;
  • investing in technology; and,
  • strengthening consumer rights with Persimmon’s unique Homebuyer Retention Scheme.

The Persimmon Way Logo

The Persimmon Way ensures that we consistently provide good quality homes to all of our customers. It is a comprehensive programme covering all aspects of our build process. We aim to build right, first time, every time by setting new industry standards for construction, assurance processes and training.

Build Quality



We continue to standardise new home design and construction detail across the business to support the drive for improved consistency of high quality ‘build right, first time, every time’ delivery. Going forward, we will adopt more exacting building tolerances than existing industry standards, further driving increased efficiencies and improved quality across the business. A detailed 21 key stage inspection process now takes place during the construction of all of our new homes.

In addition, the Group now has c.53 Independent Quality Inspectors (as at October 2021), who report directly to the Group Construction Director, and undertake quality assurance inspections across all of our developments. By year end, we are aiming to increase this number to 62, two Independent Quality Controllers per operating business.




We have established a complementary training programme to ensure the successful application of the Persimmon Way, consistently across the business.

IT support



The Group has invested significantly in its digital systems which provide support to the inspection and training processes. We have developed a Site Manager App, which is being trialled across the business with a view to a group-wide deployment early next year. This digitises key stage quality checks, linking back to our IT system ensuring quality is robustly monitored, any issues are dealt with effectively and learnings are disseminated quickly and efficiently through the chain.

External Audit



An independent external expert has been engaged to audit the implementation of the Persimmon Way across the Group and identify opportunities for further improvement over future periods. This process has worked well with regard to the Group’s on-site Health & Safety protocols over many years.

Quality Checks

Final quality checks before the customer moves in

When our homes are nearing completion, we perform a seven-stage inspection process, which includes full scrutiny by senior employees from the relevant operating business. Each customer receives a ‘New Home Demonstration’ by the site construction manager and sales adviser. To allow these processes to occur effectively, we aim to finish our new homes 21 days ahead of customers completing their purchase, so that snagging can be properly addressed before our customers move in.

All of our homes are sold with a 10-year warranty backed by either the National House Building Council (NHBC) or Premier Guarantee. Each warranty provider conducts their own independent checks at key build stages.

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The Persimmon Homebuyer Retention Scheme

Since 1 July 2020, the Scheme has been utilised by c.50% of our private new home customers. It is unique to the industry and provides important consumer protection by allowing our customers’ solicitors to retain 1.5% of the home’s sales price until the customer is entirely happy with their new home and any outstanding items identified up to seven days after they have moved into their new home have been dealt with to their satisfaction.

Our customer service

We have an established comprehensive customer service approach, including focused and clear communication, to support each and every customer throughout their journey from the date they reserve their new home to the bi-annual anniversary of their moving-in day. In addition, the Group is currently developing a customer portal which will inform new customers of the build progress of their new home and provide them with accurate, and timely information regarding their anticipated ‘move in’ date.

These measures aim to provide excellent customer service throughout their journey with Persimmon from the time they choose their new home to two years after they have moved in.

As at October 2021, over 92% of our customers would recommend us to a friend (measured through the NHBC 8 Week Customer Satisfaction Survey), a five-star rating (up from last year’s 89.7%). We are delighted with this progress as it reflects our commitment to service excellence.

Our customer care teams

Our aim is to build right, first time, every time, mitigating the need for customer care visits and appointments. However, if problems do occur, we want to rectify them as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The Group continues to invest in its customer care resource, which has increased by 67% since 2018. Each operating business has a dedicated team in place to meet our customers’ needs. A bespoke training framework has been developed and rolled out providing our people with the skills they need to answer any questions or rectify issues quickly and effectively.

Delivering high quality broadband from moving in day

Owned and developed by Persimmon, FibreNest operates an independent, nationwide, gigabit-capable full-fibre broadband network offering Persimmon’s new home customers totally unlimited, full fibre optic broadband with speeds currently up to 500Mb.

We began introducing FibreNest to our new developments across the UK in 2018, using state of the art fibre-to-the-home technology to deliver a better and faster service to our customers and address many of the common problems associated with service provision from mainstream infrastructure providers. Specifically, we wished to address the significant delays to service connection experienced by our new home customers and/or poor speeds once connected, which were general problems for the new build housing sector.

We are the only housebuilder in the UK that delivers fibre as a fourth utility, with customers able to connect to the internet on moving-in day.

FibreNest now has around 20,000 homes connected to its national network of over 200 points of presence and continues to grow rapidly. Having fully proven its technology and service capability FibreNest, as part of its ongoing development plans, has now opened up access to its UK-wide network of customers on a wholesale basis, inviting competing broadband providers and other network companies to offer their services to our customers over the FibreNest network.

Delivering homes for all

One of our strategic aims is to deliver housing that meets all of our customers’ needs by providing a range of house types in areas where our customers want to live and work.

The Group has a strong network of active sites across the UK served by its 31 regional operating businesses. This, together with the Group’s three distinctive house building brands; Persimmon, Charles Church and Westbury Partnerships, enables us to provide desirable homes at a range of price points for our customers.

In addition, the Group works closely with Homes England and the devolved Governments in Scotland and Wales to deliver their respective Help to Buy and other equity loan schemes. These schemes provide customers with greater access to the housing market as it enables them to buy a home with a lower deposit.

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