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Peterborough has attracted a lot of homebuyers over the last few years and it’s not hard to see why. It’s a fast-growing city, expanding its offerings in terms of career opportunities, entertainment and education. Buy a new build in this modern city with little pockets of rich heritage in between, luscious green spaces and easy access to the country’s leading cities.

New builds in Peterborough

Whether you choose to live in popular Hampton Vale or go with the more rural Orton Longueville, Peterborough is the city of opportunity. It’s continually being invested in and has a strong transport network, ideal for young professionals looking to level up their careers. On the other hand, it has the highest amount of green space per person in the UK, as well as two colleges and a university campus, making it a great place for families looking to buy a home.

Living in Peterborough

A historical city with its eyes on the future

Peterborough’s roots stretch right back through time, with origins in the Anglo-Saxons period. Traces of this history can be seen throughout, such as its majestic cathedral with an original wooden ceiling and a museum that houses over 200,000 historical objects. But when you’re looking to buy a home in a city that propels you into the future, Peterborough has plenty to offer.

The city was named a ‘Smart City’ in 2017 - a title given to locations with forward-thinking methods of going green. It has some of the fastest internet in the country, millions of pounds worth of investments being made and lots of entertainment to keep your diary full throughout the year. Manufacturing, digital and hospitality are just three of its booming sectors, providing lots of career opportunities for homebuyers.

A commuter’s hub

Many people buy a home in Peterborough as it’s shoulder to shoulder with London - you can get there in less than 40 minutes! It’s also located on the A1, connecting you with Birmingham, Newcastle and even Edinburgh. In terms of trains, there are also direct lines to Leicester, Leeds and York, meaning that many of the UK’s major cities are right on your doorstep when buying a home in Peterborough.

This is also a great location for cyclists. It’s known for its Green Wheel cycle route, a network that takes you in and around the city, along the River Nene and through quaint villages like Marholm and Etton. You finish on quiet, traffic-free roads into the city centre, meaning you get to explore every nook and cranny of Peterborough and really see why it’s a fantastic place to buy a home.

New housing developments in Peterborough

Peterborough is growing and growing, and here at Persimmon we’re excited to be part of its residents’ journey. Our new builds place you right in the centre of change, allowing you to make the most of all it has to offer. Explore our selection of new builds above or speak to us about your home-buying journey.